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Chapter 4076: The Other Side 45Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Do you like Coke and milk tea very much Troublesome.

Its not good to eat too many sweet things.

The more the Youyou read those words, the more he laughed.

It turned out that Gong Fan had such an adorable side to him!

Communicating through a notepad Well, thats convenient.

Why hadnt he thought of this before

As the boy stretched, the door suddenly flew open.

Little Yichen poked his head in.

When Youyou saw that it was him, he suddenly had a bad idea.

His lips curled wickedly, and then he pretended to be serious, just like the icy Gong Fan.


“What” He imitated Gong Fans cold tone.

Sure enough, Little Yichen fell for it.

He came in trembling, cleared his throat, and said gently, “Its late.

Time for bed!”

‘Have you made the bed

“Yes, Ive laid it out.” Little Yichen rolled his eyes.

“I just got out of the shower.

Im already all showered and smelling good!”

Youyou rose slowly to his feet and walked across to the boy, raising an eyebrow.

“Let me smell.”

Little Yichen immediately stood at attention and stretched out his arms for Youyou to smell.

The latter had a serious obsession with cleanliness.

Sometimes, after Little Yichen got home from school and finished his homework, he would be like a bird released from its cage, and start to pester his brother, or Hua Jin, or Lisa for a game of tennis.

When he returned at night all sweaty, Gong Fan and Youyou, both of whom were obsessed with cleanliness, would be aghast at him.

Whether one or the other, theyd nag at Youyou every night, to take a shower.

They would even watch him closely as he applied body lotion, and would enter the room only when the boy smelled good.

And so, little by little, the boy got into the habit of taking a bath and a shower each day, and of applying body lotion when he was done.

He wasnt so particular in the past.

It was all for the sake of this brother.

Little Yichen glanced at Youyou, as the latter sized him up, sensing that he was rather well behaved.

Although Youyou and Gong Fan were one person, they were two independent personalities after all.

No matter how they imitated the other personality, one could tell the difference.

He couldnt help but mutter strangely, “Are you really Gong Fan”

“Mmm” Amused, Youyou held his tongue.

“Who do you think I am”

“You look like Youyou to me.” Little Yichen tapped his head in frustration.

He was having some difficulties telling Youyou and Gong Fan apart.

Sometimes, Gong Fan would suddenly come back.

It would be terrible if he accidentally said bad things about the boy.

“Ha, you caught me.” Youyou didnt bother to hide it.

Somehow, whenever Little Yichen was in Gong Fans presence, the boy would become unusually nervous.

Youyou couldnt bear to keep up the teasing.

Realization dawned on the boy.

“Youre Youyou!”

“Uh huh!”

“You tricked me!” Little Yichen complained indignantly.

“How can you do this!”

Laughing, Youyou patted him on the head.

“All right, Ill stop teasing you.

Dont be angry.”

Little Yichen crossed his arms proudly, looking as if he was needing comfort and a hug.

Youyou quickly reached out and hugged him.

“All right, big brother.

Dont be mad.”

Satisfied, Little Yichen grunted.

“No more next time!”

“Yes, alright.”

“Oh yes, something happened this afternoon…”

Little Yichen was about to tell him about Qinger when Youyou immediately replied, “You mean the matter about Qinger”


Little Yichen looked as if hed seen a ghost.

“How do you know”

He instantly looked horrified and wary.

There was no way the boy could know.

Could he be… Gong Fan!

“You… are you…”

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