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Chapter 4075: The Other Side 44Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

It had to be about the boy, but since Gong Jie hadnt mentioned it to her, it probably wasnt optimistic.

Yun Shishi decided not to ask.

Even though she couldnt stop worrying about Youyou and Gong Fan, it was useless to worry blindly.

She might as well let nature take its course and cherish her time with Youyou and Gong Fan.

“Xiao Jie, stop overthinking.

Have a steak.”

Gong Jie snapped back to the present and grunted in agreement.

“Who cooked this steak”


“I did.”

“Eh” The man looked as if hed discovered a new continent.

“You know how to cook steak”

“And why not” Yun Shishi rolled her eyes.

“I have to learn to cook sometime!”

“Oh, Youyou… I think hes been missing for two days.” Gong Jie asked again, “Wheres Gong Fan”

She answered, “Just eaten.

Hes in the study.”


Gong Jie suddenly remembered Alices words.

“Actually, the direction Ive been thinking about is coexistence.

You know, if Gong Fan had left Youyous body, he would have taken all those dark memories with him.

But the uneasiness and guilt will stay with Youyou forever.

Hell always feel that he owes Gong Fan something.

His disappearance would have broken Youyou completely.”

Was that really that way

The man felt strangely annoyed.

In the study room.

Gong Fan lay slumped over the desk and slept for a short time.

When he opened his eyes again, they were bright and clear.

Youyou raised his head and looked around.

He was about to get up when he suddenly noticed a blue notepad beside him.


He raised his eyebrows and looked around again.

Seeing that he was alone in the study, as though deep in thought, he flipped open the notepad.

He woke up not knowing where he was or what he should do.

His memories seemed to have stopped at a time around two days ago.

He knew nothing about what had happened to Gong Fan in the past two days.

It was precisely because of this predicament that he felt helpless.

He opened the notebook and saw it was filled with handwriting that was completely different from his own, but he recognized it at a glance.

It was written in red.

Clear, dazzling.

“In the future, well contact each other this way.”

The boy scanned it, his pink lips curving in a knowing smile.

The page looked like a page from a diary, however it was more detailed than one.

1st February: Nighttime, lying in bed, I suddenly felt very uneasy.

I felt that I must be a burden.

I told Mummy about my unease.

She gave me a kiss and said that I was an inseparable part of her.

I was… very happy.

Despite the seemingly cold words, the boy could sense Gong Fans suppressed joy through the handwriting.

2nd February: Today, Qinger seems warmer towards me than usual.

Is it because of your appearance However, Im not good with girls.

She probably thinks Im a little lonely and lost.

In the afternoon, Li Sicheng read her love letter to you, to the other students.

It made her cry.

How troublesome.

I dont deal with this kind of thing.

In the future, dont get me into this kind of trouble.

The wolfberry tea Gong Jie bought was too sweet.

It tasted awful.

Little Yichen said something bad about me because he thought you were back.


Im inexplicably anxious.

I feel sleepy and want to sleep, but Im afraid that if I fall asleep, it wont be me who wakes up.

But it doesnt matter.

At least theres a place for me.

Do you like Coke and milk tea very much Its troublesome.

Its not good to eat too many sweet things.

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