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The Song family had produced many outstanding men and women through the generations.

Grandmaster Song, in particular, inspired awe in many people.

Jiang Qimeng and Song Zhengguo had a son and two daughters.

The eldest son was the young and good-looking Song Yunxi.

Despite his tender age, he was already a military lieutenant in the capital.

He was Mu Yazhes nephew and his two younger sisters were the mans nieces.

Mu Yazhe was especially caring for Song Enya as her features resembled his mother, Jiang Yishan.

Even their mannerisms were alike.

A few times, through her, he somehow saw his mother again in her younger days.

When his mother had passed away, it was little Enya who had accompanied him day and night through that dark and difficult period.

Missing his mother and pining for her memories, he sought solace in her company.

Seemingly oblivious to the icy look on Little Yichens face, Song Enya smiled, bowed her head to her sister, and said, “Enxi, why arent you greeting Uncle Mu”

“Uncle Mu!” the little girl called out in a sweet and tender voice.

She threw off her sisters hand, jumping up and down in excitement, and opened her arms wide at him as she coyly demanded, “Uncle Mu, Uncle Mu, I want a hug… Enxi wants a hug!” There was no regard to the fact that he was holding Little Yichens hand at the moment.

Of course, this had antagonized the little lad!

These two, who had appeared out of nowhere, were unwelcome.

He disliked the siblings, especially Song Enxi, who was out to snag his daddys affection.

That was just unforgivable!

He was rumbling inwardly against these unwanted intruders when his father let go of his hand, leaned over, and picked up the girl in his arms.

He had tried to catch his fathers hand too late.

The little girl hugged close to him inside his arms.

Reveling in happiness, she let out a string of pearly laughter.

“Enxi loves Uncle Mu the most!”

From a blind spot where Mu Yazhe was unable to see, she made a funny face at Little Yichen who was sulking at one side.

That made his face looked worse.

What is this She is out to brag in front of me! Why What is there to be proud of Is this something to boast about when you snatch the attention of someone elses daddy

This Song Enxi happened to be someone whom Little Yichen disliked the most.

This little girl could be very irritating.

When he was four, her sister brought her over to visit the Mu residence.

There, she had made a mess like any typical naughty children.

Perhaps her family was not strict enough with her upbringing or they were overly indulgent of her, but not only did she break Little Yichens toys, she also broke an antique vase in their house and conveniently pushed the blame on him!

He had been wronged with no one to complain to.

What could they do, however The Mu family knew that it was her fault but could not openly pin the wrongdoing on her.

After all, the Song family was a well-known scholarly household in the capital, and their grandmaster was a famous national war hero.

The Mu family had to take the Songs reputation into consideration.

Secretly, Song Zhengguo knew what his daughter had done and gave some favors to the Mu family in return for their inconveniences.

This finally brought a closure to this whole incident.

However, to Little Yichen, this matter had remained as a thorn in his flesh ever since.

Daddy wont ever like such a liar!


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