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Yun Shishis cheeks became faintly rosier due to their closeness to each other.

Feeling his hot breath on her ear, her body froze in that instant.

“Do you think I cant do anything to you because you tied a dead knot” His voice, with a teasing undertone, drew close to her ear.

Nervous, she moved to shut her eyes tightly but was unprepared for the mans next action.

With a pop , the lights went off, and everything around her became shrouded in darkness.

She could hear his deep bass tone behind her.

“Go to sleep.” His hushed voice continued to sound mischievous.

“Ill let you off tonight.”

While they were merely sleeping together without doing anything more, the gloominess in his heart dissipated as he sniffed her hairs sweet fragrance.

A tantalizing beauty was indeed lying in his arms at the moment, which got him hot and bothered, especially when her curvaceous body would brush against his own every now and then.

He did ask himself why the need for him to suppress his urge for her sake.

He could very well rip off what she was wearing and laid her to his satisfaction.

However, as he felt her stiff body next to his, he did not initiate any action.

The lust he had suppressed in his body tempted him much, but he preferred not to think about it as he pushed the urge away.

Indeed, this was his first time purposely suppressing the flaming urge in his body just to please a woman!

He did this so that he would not scare her away.

Oh, well! He would let her off for today.

Still, he needed to do something, anything, to keep his lust under control!

Hence, he bowed his head, pressed hard on her mouth, and kissed her over and over again.

His tongue greedily licked her lip flaps.

After that, he did nothing more except embrace her tightly in his arms, seemingly satisfied with that!

At dawn, when the first rays of the sun filtered through the gap in the window curtains, she woke up.

To be precise, she was long awake, for she had been unable to fall asleep all night.

The man behind her looked fast asleep, but his arms were tightly locking her in his domineering embrace.

His possessive action did not allow her to break free.

They were at such proximity, with his nose steadily breathing air on hers, she somehow lost her composure!

She carefully struggled free from his restraint and slowly got down from the bed.

She then walked into the hall and pulled open the curtains.

It was already bright and shining outside.

When she walked past the study room, she happened to glance at a huge picture frame hanging on the wall.

Curious, she tiptoed her way into the room, somewhat feeling like an intruder.

Hanging on the wall was an exquisite family portrait.

In the photo, Mu Sheng, taking the seat of honor, was in the center.

Beside him were Mu Wanrou, Jiang Yishan, Mu Liancheng, and the youth Mu Yazhe.

The picture was taken in a bygone era, but well-preserved, it still looked as good as new.

She did not know the rest of the people in the photo, but she could identify Mu Yazhe at one glance.

When he was younger, his present daunting and oppressive aura was non-existent, though he still stood out from those his age with his perfect features and shrewd eyes.

His cool gaze was not much different from the present, and Youyou somehow inherited this particular look in his fathers eyes.

Kinship was truly an amazing thing.

As she was pondering on this, her peripheral view strayed on the girl standing beside Mu Sheng in the image.

Her gaze slightly contracted, and her heart briefly skipped a beat.


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