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“Yun Shan Shi Yi; hows this name”

Yun Shan Shi Yi.

Yun Shishi.

The implied message behind the name needed not be explained.

Following the man out of the vehicle, she was suddenly pulled into his arms.

Her head hit his chest at once, and she furrowed her brows at the slight pain she felt.

When she looked up, she only saw him laughing with mischief in his eyes.

“Arent you going to send me home” She flared up in her rage.

“Why are we here”

“I miss you; stay with me tonight, ” the man said.

He was a little delighted to have his way.

If Yun Tianyou were to learn that his kindergartens dull summer camp was orchestrated by a certain man, he would surely seethe in anger.

Returning to the villa, she started to get a little restless and sat down on the sofa without moving.

She observed the man, who had just taken a shower, pace back and forth in front of her leisurely.

He put on a loose bathrobe and casually dried his damp hair with a towel.

Her eyes could not help but stare at his slightly exposed chest.

Her face began to burn at what she saw and then she looked away.

Mu Yazhe moved toward the cellaret to pour himself a glass of vodka.

From his peripheral, he took a cold glance at the woman, who was sitting still on the sofa.

She seemed to be afraid of something and to be avoiding something.

He started to roam on the business market since he was 18.

He had to say that some women were indeed good schemers.

Even shrewd businessmen on the market had to consider themselves as inferior to them.

In stark contrast, this little woman in front of him was purely simple and transparent.

One could easily perceive what she was thinking from her expression.

How could she hide her thoughts from him at all

He finished savoring the glass of wine in leisure, yet she remained frozen on the same spot, as if she were sitting on a cushion full of pins.

She lowered her head and stared into space, letting her mind wander.

Thus, he asked, “Arent you going to bathe”


Ill do it later!”

“Ill be waiting for you in the room.”

Once he said that, he entered the bedroom, minding his business and giving no further glances at her.

Yun Shishi was dazed.

Her eyes followed the man into the bedroom, but even after a long time, she did not move an inch.

She lay in wait for quite some time and eventually surmised that the man had probably gone to sleep.

Hence, glancing right and left, she concluded he was too tired and went to bed.

She then started her exploration of the room.

The spacious bedroom was connected to the lounge.

A cloakroom, a bathroom, a study room, a cellaret, and even a bar… This place had everything.

She again sat on the sofa for quite a while before she walked into the bathroom.

She took a quick bath with a confused heart.

Before she stepped out of the bathroom, she tightened the knot on her bathrobe belt subconsciously, but she ended up tying a dead knot by accident.

She was then a little more at ease.

When she entered the bedroom, the wall lights were still lit; he left them on for her.

However, he seemed to be fast asleep.

The man, whose large physique lay sideways, occupied two-thirds of the bed.

She was secretly in joy and climbed into bed carefully.

She moved cautiously, worried of making any sound.

Before she could lie down steadily, she felt someone turning over beside her.

This movement startled her so much her heart skipped a beat.

While she was taken aback, the man stretched his hand out to pull her toward him by force.

His large palms then moved toward the knot of her bathrobe belt without her permission.

He tugged on the bathroom belt, which was accidentally tied into a dead knot.

The corner of his lips pulled up to form a sinister smile as he said mischievously, “This knot is really tight.”

“…” Her face became scalding red.

Feeling somewhat embarrassed, she turned away.


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