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Her heart was sore as she clenched her lips tightly; her face was full of displeasure that she did not hide.

The woman hid behind Li Lan, revealing only a fraction of her fear-stricken face.

She was in shock and looked guarded.

With her lips clenched mournfully, she furrowed her brows at him.

The thing was that she showed no intention of cooperating with him at all!

This girl was definitely stubborn and, without a doubt, a natural-born beauty!

The secretary was also astonished to find her boss making an appearance here.

As she was feeling surprised, she heard her bosss command for the girl to go to him.

Thus, she reached out her hand to give the apparently sulking lass, who was stoically standing still behind her, a push.

This sent Yun Shishi flying toward her boss!

“Stupid child, why are you not moving!”

With that push, Yun Shishi stumbled and tumbled into his chest and into his embrace!

She stood and backed off awkwardly, wanting to keep her distance from him.

Unfortunately for her, the man promptly looped his strong arm around her waist.

She was, thus, forcibly pressed onto his chest and was forced to listen to his powerfully beating heart!

The vigorously pumping heart seemed to calm the uneasiness in her heart.

She stopped resisting suddenly and stayed put without moving.

The man lowered his head and saw her leaning comfortably on his chest.

His thin lips then curled upward, obviously satisfied with her submission.

Still, his heart was quite upset with her!

Privately, he was thinking of how she had gone flirting around in a few days that he was not there to keep an eye on her! Now, someone else was coveting her!

This had displeased him somewhat! Just as he was firm and sure in the way he carried out his businesses, he was the same when it came to his relationships!

Although he was not caring for other women, whom he viewed as dispensable, she, unlike others, held a special place in his heart, which he did not want to admit!

In a way, he himself had yet to realize this.

Still, without a doubt, he would be filled with obnoxious feelings whenever he saw another man touching her, wanting her, or coveting her!

He would settle the score with her later!

He held his chin aloft and stared Qian Shaohua down sharply.

The latters heart shuddered at his razor-sharp glare.

His hair stood on end on his scalp, as though he were marked by a ferocious beast.

In a moment of panic, he lost his initial arrogance as he slumped his chest forward and meekly greeted, “Director Mu!”

His guilty conscience was apparent in this act!

With his status, he could normally address Mu Yazhe asMr.


However, today, he addressed him with his honorary prefixdirector in a panicky haste!

Lu Jingtian smiled and chipped in, “Yo, Mr.

Qian, its been a while since we last met! To think that we had to hear your rude and loud voice the moment we stepped in here! Its no wonder your Master Mu is unhappy.

Your earlier words are simply outrageous!”

Qian Shaohua broke out into a cold sweat as he stammered along, “Oh, n-no… Th-Those are just mindless words!”


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