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Why was it Yun Shishi of all people

She, Jiang Yutong, wanted to be the one in his arms and not her who only got to where she was through underhanded means!

Gu Xingze raised his stern face toward Liu Yiyi.

Shooting her a glare, he frostily said, “Huanyu wont sign a contact with a bad trainee!”

Everyone was shocked when he said that.

His few words had completely cut off Liu Yiyis road to fame.

The man was a major shareholder of Huanyu Entertainment.

In his hands, he held one-fifth of the companys shares, so his words definitely meant something.

His words just now were akin to a lifetime ban.

This big corporation could be counted as half of his playing field.

Firing a trainee was not a tall task, and all he needed to do was open his mouth.

Liu Yiyi went through a lot just to secure a slot in this Huanyu training course.

This opportunity was priceless, and if she missed this, there would be no second chance.

If she successfully graduated from training, she could become her dream star!

Many people dreamed of stardom, right

However, with a simple utterance, her opportunity was eradicated.

This meant that she would be permanently banned.

This was too cruel for her.

Yun Shishis eyes simmered as her faint glance landed on the hapless woman, but she did not say anything in contradiction!

Liu Yiyi opened her mouth in shock, her eyes filling with horror.

“What… What do you mean”


You have lost your chance to sign a contract with Huanyu,” his thin lips mouthed icily.

Everyone, including Jiang Yutong, was flabbergasted.

She was a loyal fan of him, so she knew how much power he wielded as a shareholder of Huanyu Entertainment.

Still, never did she expect him to ban a trainee for a woman like Yun Shishi.

There was a long bout of silence in the training room.

The man did not say anything more and merely bent down to carefully lift Yun Shishi into his arms.

With her secured in his cradle, he turned to leave the room.

He greatly ensured that his every action would not hurt her, treating her like a priceless and extremely fragile possession.

Liu Yiyi would not give up and hurried to say, “Superstar Gu, Im your fan… In my heart, only an elegant and graceful woman is compatible with you! That woman isnt fit for you!”

He ignored her and continued to carry Yun Shishi off.

Liu Yiyi panicked and rushed forward to catch his arm.

“Dont you know She used dirty tricks to crawl her way up!”

“Let go.” He icily warned her.

His coldly gleaming eyes shot into the back of her hand like sharp blades.

His lethal look astounded her, and she fell back in fright, but she once more mustered her courage to voice out her grievance before him.

“Since you want to fire me, at least give me an acceptable reason, please! Yun Shishi is among us trainees.

She already signed on with Huanyu.

I remember there being a clause in the contract which forbids an artiste from getting into a relationship.

Being in one means a breach of contract.

Yesterday, someone saw a man come out of her resting room.

That goes to show that shes using dirty means to get her way! Why does she get to enjoy special privileges!”

“Shut up!”

Liu Yiyi had no scruples about his warning.

Since her opportunity to climb to stardom was lost, she would make sure to drag down Yun Shishi with her!

“What is her relationship with you Why are you so concerned for her If you really care about her, why arent you grilling her about the man that exited her room last night”


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