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“Who hurt her”

He was positioned at the back moments before, thus he did not manage to witness that scene, and by the time he stood at the door, Yun Shishi was already on the ground.

Beside her, a ponytailed girl stood frozen with a stool in her hands.

There was a mysterious silence within the room.

Everyone was petrified, and no one dared to let out a sound.

This was all these trainees first time meeting Gu Xingze in person.

They had only ever seen him on TV before; his image was sometimes proud, sometimes distant, and sometimes gentle.

Seeing him in the flesh now, to them, he looked more elegant and more handsome than on TV.

Right now, however, he radiated aloofness and hostility from the bones.

His gaze was so terrifyingly cold it seemed capable of killing with one look!

Everyone dared not to act recklessly or utter a word, and even their breaths were furtively taken, as they were afraid to earn the mans ire.

“Who hurt her!” he sternly reiterated.

His powerful voice resounded across the room, and its resonance numbed their senses.

One of the trainees pointed a shaky finger to the ponytailed girl, who was standing by the podium, and spoke hesitatingly.

“Its… Its Liu Yiyi.”

One after another, everyone transferred their eyes on to her.

Liu Yiyi retreated a step in her shock.

Her back hit the blackboard, and she had no place to hide.

Her shoulders shuddered.

Finally mustering her courage, she outrageously inverted the story.

“Its not me! Its… Its Yun Shishi… She started it!”

Clutching at straws, she showed off the open wound on her forehead to him as she continued piteously, “See! This is what she gave me! She started all this, and I hit her back in… self-defense!”

No one said anything, and no one testified for her.

Everyone kept mum and dared not speak recklessly this time around.

In fact, no one had seen Yun Shishi deliver the first blow.

Rather, it was Liu Yiyi who had hit her first, and then she struck back!

Every training room was installed with security cameras.

Once the security footage was replayed, the truth would be out.

No one wanted to get involved in this messy situation.

Jiang Yutong was totally struck dumb by this sudden development.

She, just like many other young girls, had a man of her dreams.

Having made his debut many years ago, he had amassed quite a massive fanbase with his handsome looks and skillful acting.

Jiang Yutong was one of his many fans.

She sincerely admired him and even only deemed him fit for the title as the nations god.

Despite newbies constantly debuting in the industry, it was difficult for anyone to replace his position.

Sadly, at the moment, her nations god was holding on to Yun Shishis shoulders with a concerned expression.

He looked at her with care and showed great concern for her.

The affection in his eyes could hardly be concealed; they were overflowing with love.

She stared blankly into space, and there were mixed feelings in her heart.

She felt bitter, she felt sour, and all the more, she felt pure jealousy!

Yes, she was jealous.

How could she not be

If he could gently speak to her once, she would definitely be over the moon!

Unfortunately, the god that she yearned for was holding another woman in his arms, and it was the one she absolutely detested as well!


Why was it Yun Shishi of all people


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