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Hence, because of this, the way she looked at her had already changed by the time the latter handed the coat to her from the resting room.

On her way out of the room, Yun Shishi was startled to bump into Jiang Yutong, who did not manage to evade her in time.

“Yutong… you…”

“Shishi, what took you so long What were you doing in there that you didnt respond when I knocked a few times” Jiang Yutong regained her composure and, quickly hiding her confusion, smilingly received the coat.

“Nothing in particular.” She gave her a curt reply, not wanting to explain herself.

She did not know how long Jiang Yutong had stood there or how good the soundproofing of the room was, but she knew that it was best not to say much when she had no clue of how much the latter might have heard.

“But… I saw a man walk out of your room moments ago.

Your door was locked from the inside; were you two… doing something inside” She faked curiosity as she tried to fish for information.

Yun Shishi was scorched and was greatly angered by Mu Yazhes impropriety inside her heart.

He behaved like an almighty dictator who seemed to think that he owned every living creature!

He suddenly showed up into her resting room without paying scruples to the paparazzi lurking around the perimeters of Huanyu Tower.

He even said those greatly disturbing words about wanting her all of a sudden.

Without giving thought to the time and place, he seemed not to respect her feelings at all!

Now, it appeared someone had caught them in action.

How would she explain away the situation

Jiang Yutong was piqued by her silence and, not wanting to give her a chance to reason, proceeded to keep digging into this matter.

The interesting thing was that Jiang Yutong was not her friend in the first place.

They had only known each other for some measly ten days.

Both were in the same training course and had occasionally greeted each other.

Was there a need for Yun Shishi to explain herself to her at all

The woman saw that she was not going to clarify further and concluded that the couple had something fishy going on between them!

Isnt that obvious

That man must be one of her many paymasters!

As she thought through the matter, she found a few things suspicious.

Huanyu Tower has a robust security system.

How can someone just waltz into the building without repercussion The man wore a casual look when I saw him, as if he were just taking a stroll in his backyard!

Something fishy must be going on.

That man should be from the elite circle – someone famous or rich.

If not, he should at least belong to the upper management of Huanyu Entertainment.

There were too many hidden rules in this industry.

Tang Yus disgraceful affair, which had been leaked a while ago, sparked public interest.

Many were amazed by the hidden rules of the entertainment circle.

To her, though, that was nothing unusual.

After all, she had spent a few years in the industry and had seen all its dark sides.

No matter how good or pretty a newcomer might be, that person would not shoot to fame without reason.

This industry emphasized on ones background and resources.

If there was no one to back her up, there was no way an actress could become famous, even if that person had the right qualities!

She must have some help to achieve such a high status!


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