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As for giving a PR response, the company required their artistes to master delivering smooth and flawless speeches in response to tricky and harsh questions from reporters during interviews.

Gu Xingze was a textbook example.

No matter how difficult the question was, he always gave a perfect response and easily dealt with impenetrable media reporters.

Tang Yu was a classic bad example.

Her looks were pretty good, and her acting skills were alright, but her IQ and EQ were on the extreme low; she spoke without giving it much thought.

The result was something known to all; from up the heavens, she hit rock bottom, and she fell hard.

Presently, the artistes in the industry were no longer held in high regard like in the past.

Even if one was the nations goddess, an error in her speech could easily cause an overwhelming number of antis to attack.

Other than this, she was scheduled to take a series of classes, which would last for a whole month.

With the kickoff ceremony of theGreen Apple just around the corner, Qin Zhou also told her to shoot for her character preview with the temporary film crew three days later.

In short, her schedule was filled to the brim with no time to rest in between.

She was completely flabbergasted the moment she received her schedule!

“Its this crammed”

She complained a little.

In a 30-day month, 29 days were occupied with work schedule, and on that remaining day, she had to visit the film crew for her character preview shoot.

This was unbelievably tight.

“Is this deemed as tight” He laughed lightheartedly.

“You havent seen Gu Xingzes yet.”

“His schedule”

There was a schedule even tighter than hers

“You seriously… You havent exactly entered the industry yet.

Im already being lenient to you.

Come take a look at Gu Xingzes…” He handed the superstars schedule to her.

Curious, she took a peek and nearly fainted.

Just within 15 days, he was already arranged to participate in 32 shows.

Excluding this, he was on the plane for the remaining days; he surely only had a measly amount of time to sleep every day.

She felt a little bad for him!

On the surface, being a celebrity was so glamorous, but it was actually this tiring behind the scenes.

She squeezed her brows and denounced, “This is simply exploitation!”

He grumbled, “Whatexploitation Shishi, dont you know that, to stars, exposure is life! This is like having the same product displayed at the front and the back of the supermarket.

Which one do you think will sell better”

“Of course, the former,” she responded without hesitation.

“Good that you know.” His voice suddenly deepened.

“Shishi, you must keep in mind one thing when working in this industry: be mindful of what you say and do! Just like what Ji Yanluo said, if you offend someone you shouldnt, they can easily hinder or even blacklist you.

Until then, itll not be as simple as being displayed at the back.”

She clearly understood what he meant.

“Mm… By that time, Ill definitely be kicked into the warehouse to collect dirt.”

“Smart.” He grinned.

“Youre not stupid, after all!”

“Its because of your guidance, Mr.


“You brat, youve got the gall to tease me already, huh” he threatened.

Yun Shishis name was especially familiar within the batch of trainees on the list.

Out of the 15 rookies, she was the only one directly signed on to Huanyus headquarters.

She had just made her debut and was already the main female lead of a top-star directors production.

In particular, they were jealous of her being taken under the wing of the top-star manager Qin Zhou the moment she was contracted by Huanyu.

Many started to gossip.

What was this newbies background Huanyu clearly wanted to push for her strongly!


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