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Qin Zhou left after bringing Yun Shishi into the head producers office.

“Have a seat.

We are waiting for one more person.”

He picked up the case file and started reading it after he had said that.

Theres someone else, too

Who can it be

Am I not the only one signing a contract today

She sat in the chair and examined her surroundings.

With everything neatly lined up along the shelf, the office interior appeared minimalist in design.

There were a few photo frames hanging on the wall, which displayed the latest first-tier stars of Huanyu.

Gu Xingzes portrait was among this lineup.

Many books and record albums were on the bookshelf.

In front of the sofa was a low-square table with a high-class teapot set on it.

A knock was heard on the door.

She looked over quizzically and saw Jun Mo walked in.

Seeing her, Yun Shishi smiled in acknowledgement and Jun Mo nodded in return.

She closed the door and took a seat beside her.

“Producer Ji.”

Ji Lin lifted his wristwatch and took a look before he coolly commented, “You always like to appear only at the very last minute.”

She nonchalantly replied, “I just had a smoke outside.”

“Are you that free” he asked.

She smiled, slowly proffered her hand, and turned to greet her.


She was neither enthusiastic nor warm, though a smile could be seen in her eyes.

Yun Shishi smiled and took her hand.

“How do you do”


“Everyone is here, so lets begin.”

He sat at his office table, holding the agreement Yun Shishi had completed, and proceeded to say, “Yun Shishi.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Have you carefully gone through the clauses in the contract”

“Ive read them,” she replied.

“Do you have any objection”

“No objection.”

He asked a few more pertinent questions, which she was able to respond well.

As a graduate of an arts university, he was obviously very satisfied with this recruit, be it her professional capacity or character.

At the end, though, he sternly listed off a few rules to her.

“Since youve carefully gone over the contract, you should be clear of Huanyus terms and conditions.

We will need you abide by these rules.”

“I understand.”

He lifted his head and looked at her seriously before he slowly said, “You have good potential, but I must give you a word of caution here.”

She was ready to listen.

“Please do tell.”

“I dont care how you used to live your life, but since you signed the contract with Huanyu and became one of its faces, we hope that youll act with prudence in every matter.”

She was dumbstruck momentarily.

“Regarding the earlier incident, I dont want to see it happen again.”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Your impression of the show business may still be limited to what youve seen on TV or read in the news.

Over here, though, I give you a word of advice: as an artiste, simply follow what the company arranges for you.

Dont touch what you shouldnt touch and dont do what you shouldnt do.


Jun Mo, who was sitting beside her, was rather surprised to hear these words from the man.

In her impression, this man had no patience, yet he was giving advice to a newcomer.

Was this special treatment

He then turned to Jun Mo to discuss contract renewal.

Yun Shishi listened with interest at the side.

Apparently, the singers contract with Huanyu was about to expire.

As she was deemed to have a great potential, the company wanted to renew her contract.

Besides that, her manager was struck with cancer and needed to be hospitalized, so the company was looking to fill in the open position with another agent.

She sat at one side and listened attentively.


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