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“Youre letting her off lightly by throwing her into a pond!”

Suddenly, with an eerie laughter, he threw the stack of photos he was holding into the air and said, “Chop her into pieces and feed her to the sharks.

She will not be missed!”

The voice was as tender as ever, but at this moment, the tone was dark and sullen.

The words that came pouring out of his mouth were cold and chilling, sending shivers down their backs!

Receiving the shock of her life, Yun Na scampered behind Li Dongqiang.

To her, Yun Tianyou was more terrifying than this old-time gangster!

Her mother, who was standing at the door, also held her breath in fear.

No one took this six-year-olds words as childs play.

Everyone could only watch the spine-chilling expression on his tender face.

The eyes he used to look at Yun Na were filled with hatred and cruelty.

It was as if she were an utterly filthy thing.

“Little boy… Are you kidding me” Dumbstruck, the gangster could only laugh dryly.

How can someone be so ruthless at such a young age

This is really scary.

“Am I kidding you” He threw the question back in a low tone.

“Why would I tell you a meaningless joke when my time is precious”

“Then…” The man cleared his throat.

He was starting to be awestruck at this six- or seven-year-old lad.

Licking his upper lip flap, he continued, “You mean to say…”

“Ill give you the money, and you settle this business for me; do you understand”


The gangster still could not wrap his head around this.

His doubting eyes shifted on to Li Hanlin, who was standing beside the boy.

He saw that the agent was looking at Yun Tianyou with deeply furrowed brows and eyes containing a myriad of emotions, such as heartache.

“Agent Li…”

“Youyou…” Li Hanlin suddenly squatted before the child, caught hold of his shoulders, and told him in a deeply saddened voice, “dont be blinded by revenge.”

Youyou did not seem to hear him as he coldly instructed, “Pass him the money.”

The boy would not dirty his hands over such lowly folks; he would let others do the dirty work for him.

The agents face was still filled with complex emotions.


“I told you to give him the money; do you understand” the boy repeated with a pale face.

Holding the agents hand, he looked at him intently.

Li Hanlin fixed his eyes on the wan face before him and frowned once more.

Hesitating as he stood up, he finally passed the check over to Li Dongqiang.

As if struck by lightning, the mother-daughter pair stood numbly on the spot.

The gangster seemed to be experienced in settling such matters.

He inspected the check, and once he was assured of its authenticity, he could not help feeling incredulous.

This is no simple child at all!

How does he possess the charisma of an exceptional adult and wealth at such a young age

Although he still had no idea where this boy had come from, he knew that it might not be a good thing to know too much.

“Sure, then, Ill take them away.

Do you want me to take some pictures for your viewing pleasure once Im done”

He barely finished his words when Yun Na, who was at his feet, crawled to the boy and cried for mercy as she hugged his little frail body, “Youyou, Youyou… Its aunts fault.

I know its my fault! I was dumb in the past; Im sorry! I swear Ill never bully you again; I wont bully your mommy, too!”

The child did not seem to hear her plea as he continued to stare straight ahead without sparing her a glance.

What an irony.


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