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“What did you say Why should I explain anything to you”

As Li Dongqiang asked these questions, he looked up to survey the crowd outside the room and rudely demanded, “Whose kid came running out here Take him back right away!”

The crowd immediately scattered from shock.

Yun Tianyou said sternly, “Youre here to get your money back, arent you! Explain yourself clearly; Ill pay you the money!”

“Where will a kid like you get the dough from”

“I have the money.” Li Hanlin stepped forward from behind the boy with a smile.

The gangster was even more confused.

Yun Na seemed to have detected a ray of hope from this.

She pointed to the little boy at once and blurted out, “He… He is my sisters son!”

“Oh That Yun Shishi is your mommy”

“You dont need to be too concerned with me.

Im asking you; how much does she owe you” the boy questioned seriously.

He spared no attention to Yun Na; it was as if looking at her once would pollute his eyes.

“500,000 yuan.”

The boy turned to the side and lowered his voice, “Mr.



Li Hanlin suddenly fished out a check book from his briefcase and penned down a string of numbers.

Lastly, he signed his name and flashed it to the gangster.

The sum of a million.

Li Dongqiang spaced out!

“Oh, ho, this kid is no simple character!”

Yun Na looked at him with tears brimming in her eyes, and when Li Hanlin flashed them the amount on the check, her face instantly lighted up with hope.

However, soon after, she thought that this was ridiculous.

Who was this man clad in a suit and leather shoes

One could tell that he was an elite with one look, yet why was he being so servile toward her nephew

Standing at the door, Li Qin was dumbfounded as well.

Who exactly was this man that he could give out a million yuan check this simply

The more shocking thing was that this man was being respectful toward Yun Tianyou, a mere child, and he appeared to be submissive…

What was the relationship between the two

She truly did not understand!

Li Dongqiang let out an evil grin and went ahead to retrieve the check, only to grab at nothing as Li Hanlins hand, which was holding the check, slightly moved away to evade his grasp.

“Are you kidding me!” The gangster was a little enraged.

Yun Tianyou said expressionlessly, “You have yet to explain; what did you mean by that just now”

The street thug snickered as he pulled Yun Na toward him by the collar, tapped one of her bloody cheeks, and said, “Shes your mommys sister, right Ha, she played with drugs and gambled outside, and she owed me a big sum! This b*tch here said shes penniless though, so I threatened her that Ill go to her house to retrieve my money personally.

Scared out of her wits, guess what she said”

He loafed around, so his words were naturally crude and his appearance mean; he truly looked like a ruffian.

The little boy let out a sound of assent and waited for him to continue.

“She said shes going to use her sister to pay off her debt!” the thug slowly spoke.

In an instant, the little lads expression changed for the worse.

It had darkened like smeared ink.

A murky haze suddenly swept across his previously bright and clear eyes, and intense hostility poured forth from beneath his gaze.

“Go on!” he demanded.

The thug was dazed.

He was a little unhappy that a child was talking to him in such a condescending manner, but he did not give it much thought and continued.

“She said that her sister is so elegant, ethereal, delicate, and pretty.

When I heard that, my heart tingled—”

“The main point!” The little boy was getting quite frustrated.

“D*mn, you little b*stard…”

The gangster was mad.

The agent coughed once to draw his attention and then smilingly dangled the check in front of him.


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