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What kind of kinship Was it the kind where his mother had to suffer their bullying for the past two decades and more Or was it the mocking and sarcasm he had to hear from them

He could not forget the dark and heavy memories of his childhood.

If that was what she was referring to as kinship…

He smiled lazily and said, “Alright, then, for the sake of kinship.”


“Which room is it”

It might be due to Youyous exceptional charisma, or she must be under a spell, for she woodenly replied to him, “502…”

“Lets go.” He faced his agent and gave this instruction.

Li Hanlin immediately followed behind.

He was actually keen to find out what kind of a tragic ending the mother-daughter pair would have.

The agent turned around and glanced pathetically at Li Qin, offering a few seconds of silent condolences in his heart.

It was not good to offend Yun Tianyou, this little demon king.

One would not know how death come about.

Li Qin could not be blamed for creeping her way here for help.

She had nowhere to turn to, and this was already her last resort.

Yun Tianyou came to the ward entrance and saw a group of curious onlookers crowding at the door.

He was in no hurry to go in, instead, he stood at the door and peeked into the room through the window.

Hiding in a corner while covering her face as she howled in pain was Yun Na.

Her voice was hoarse and broken.

The wounds on her face were already showing signs of infection, with pus oozing from them.

The bandage had been ripped off and scattered all over, revealing her bloody face that dirtied her hospital attire.

At this moment, Li Dongqiang was standing by the hospital bed.

Occasionally, he could be seen kicking her vigorously with the sole of his shoe as he shouted, “I told you to return the money; did you not understand! Do you think that you can avoid me by hiding in the hospital B*tch!”

“Brother Qiang, I really dont have the money… I really dont!”

“No money I think its because you dont want to return what you owe.

Well, if thats the case, Ill just distribute your photos.

Who knows They may fetch a good price!”

He suddenly revealed a stack of photos in his hand featuring Yun Na in compromising positions and in various stages of undress.

They got her so frightened and shocked.

She made a lunge for him in an attempt to snatch the photos away from his hand.


He was furious at her sight and, with a kick, sent her flying toward a corner of the wall.

Her head had a big cut after it hit the wall, and she coughed out a pool of bloody foam.

“Its so disgusting,” Yun Tianyou coldly muttered to himself.

Li Qin moved to rush over but stopped in her tracks at the door upon seeing the mess in the room.

She did not have the guts to step in further.

Li Dongqiang was an infamous ruffian in this district; she had seen how ruthless he could be before.

It was unknown how he managed to track her daughter to the hospital.

Once he stepped into the ward, he gave a slap across her daughters face that sent her flipping to the floor.

Li Qin was scared out of her wits.

When she saw this creditor come in through the door, she quickly fled the hospital room and looked for Yun Yecheng and Yun Shishi to settle the matter.

The two had the money.

She could ask them for help to pay off the debt.

They should not be so heartless to leave them in the lurch!

However, seeing her daughters bloody and dirty appearance right now as she begged for mercy on her knees, Li Qins legs could not seem to move a bit somehow.

She was afraid that she would be implicated.

She would not be strong enough to stand the beating!

Being in a public place did not deter this street boss from his viciousness.

The other patients and their families in the ward had long since fled the room in fear.


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