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“Run-down!” She instinctively reacted in anger, finding him unreasonable.

“The monthly rental fee for this so-called run-down place is a few thousand yuan! Im not like you, Master Mu, with your rich family.

This place is decent enough, except for that faulty water heater!”

Calling this place run-down, this man is simply too much!

Does he think that everyone else is like him, coming from a rich family with a heap of fortune to spend

This is the capital! It isnt a small city from second or third tier.

The stretch of condominiums over here may not be deemed as high class, but they are still costly, so the monthly rental for an apartment in this part of the capital is still considerable!

He actually rebutted, “Such a run-down place and you still need to pay rent”

“Yes, of course…”

The men in suits waited on him as the man changed into the set of fresh clothes.

He impatiently rubbed his damp hair before he walked up to her and held her up.

“Lets go.”

“Ah—where are we going!”

“Im not letting my woman and son stay in this pigsty.”

Pigsty Wait a minute; did he just call my house a pigsty!

She was about to explode when he strode over and, without any explanation, half lifted and half carried her off to the entrance.

With a kick, the door opened.

The landlord, who was staying across her unit, heard the commotion and opened the door to investigate.

She was astonished to see the stairway congested with men in dark suits.

She lifted her head to see a tall, broad man about to carry a woman down the stairs.

Once she got over her shock and recognized the woman for her tenant, she quickly went up to her and said, “Hey, I havent seen you around in these past two days.

For this months rental fee, you—”

Yun Shishi was renting one of the apartment units under this landlords name.

When this development was opened for sale initially, the woman promptly bought two apartments; one of which was purchased as a future wedding home for her son.

However, the son was still in high school.

It was a waste to leave it empty, too.

Thus, in the interim, she had it leased after some simple renovation.

Before she could finish her words, Mu Yazhe impatiently replied, “We arent renting this place anymore!”

“Ah” The landlord was dumbfounded as she watched them leave the place.

“Director Mu, how about this unit This place measures 532 square meters and is fitted with seven rooms, three halls, and five security guards.

It also comes with a private garden and a swimming pool.

The villa has a total of five floors and a private elevator.”

Inside a real estate companys headquarters, a manager coyly presented a selection of luxurious Xiangti Walk villas to the cold and aloof man sitting on the sofa.

He took the brochure from his hands, glanced at it, and bowed his head to ask for the opinion of the woman in his arms.

“Do you like it”

Yun Shishi was still somewhat in a daze as she shook her head.

When she rejected with a shake of her head, the man did not pursue the reason for it and just neutrally looked at the manager, who was full of anticipation.


“Sure! Director Mu, please wait a moment!”

The manager did not express any irritation as he respectfully retreated.

The woman looked up and surveyed her surroundings.

To her, it was like being in a dream.

Xiangti Walk was an upmarket residential district being developed by a real estate company under Disheng Financial Group.

The clienteles interested in owning a piece of land in that district had high net worth.

A villa with 500 square meters had an average price of 80 million yuan.

After conversion, it was, on average, 160,000 yuan per square meter.

That level of luxury was simply staggering.

That district had villas, bungalows, and even high-end apartments available for those high-level white-collar workers.

The design of the recently presented apartment was retro Mediterranean style, which was luxurious and dignified, with unique elegance.

It was considered as one of the most luxurious properties in the capital.

Initially, the manager did not recognize Mu Yazhes face and just took him for an ordinary customer, so he did not put much effort into his sales spiel.

After all, as a mere manager of a real estate company, a person with an ordinary status like him would normally have no chance to meet the CEO of Disheng Financial Group in person.


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