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“There are so many women in the world, but why are you so persistent with only me”

“Mind your own business.”

Mu Yazhe pulled up her chin and inched his handsome face closer to her.

Pressing his slightly chilly lips to the corner of hers, the warmth of his breath slipped through the gap between her lips and invaded her cavern.

His breathing gradually became unstable and a little shorter.

His thin, kissable lips journeyed back and forth across her neck.

He landed soft kisses on her and ended up only wanting more.

He was quite similar to those travelers who felt parched as they got lost in the desert; as for her, she was like a clean and clear magical spring.

He tasted her continuously, but his thirst was not quenched.

His thin lips pressed along her elegant neckline, and his strong arms hooked across her slim and fragile waist.

He applied strength on to her back, subsequently propelling her body closer to his chest.

Separated by a thin layer of clothing, he could feel the temperature, suppleness, warmth, and wonder of her skin.

He supported the back of her neck with his palm and nudged her forward to welcome his lips.

His hot breath poured into her lips completely and instantly; all of her was taken away.

No longer satisfied with scratching just the surface, the man lunged more ferociously and delved in wholly.

However, unlike his previous advancements, which had gone exploring more deeply, his attacks right now were limited to kisses.

The temperature in the room suddenly rose.

This room was filled entirely with affection, romance, and sweetness.

She withstood everything in silence.

He was not resigned to her unresponsiveness.

Widening the gap between her lips with the tip of his tongue, he provoked her passionately and enticingly to get a response from her.

Nonetheless, throughout the entire session, Yun Shishi steadfastly shut her eyes and let him take whatever he needed.

If he wanted something, then she would give it to him.

It was not something that was too complicated.

Even if she were to struggle, it was quite pointless, and she might, instead, arouse the mans strong desire to conquer her.

If she were to spread her limbs out and let him do whatever he wanted, he would definitely find it boring and would, perhaps, even lose his interest in her.

Would she not regain her freedom, then

She would be free from this man and return to her normal life.

Just like what she had expected, without eliciting any response from her, he simply found this whole matter tasteless and abruptly stopped the kisses.

He lifted his gaze to look at her stubborn and prideful face, and his brows slightly knitted in irritation.

He felt that this was very dull.

He would rather that she struggled or resisted.

This way, he would at least feel the thrill of conquering her.

Her spreading herself out like this and permitting him to do whatever he pleased cause his interest to drastically wane.

He lowered his peeved gaze and bit her ear in punishment.

A sharp pain surged from within her, and she grinded her teeth, trying to prevent herself from making any sound.

Even if it was painful for her, she did not give any reaction.

“Do you think that youre a dead fish”

Did she actually not know to give a response, or did she think that it was too difficult doing it with him

“I am giving you what you want and am obeying you.

You want me to play nice, right” she ridiculed him with a smile, a slight detest fleeting across her eyes.

She hated his rampage and arrogance.

She hated his compulsion.

“Very well.”

Was this not another level of resistance from her

He immediately looked upward, his lips sliding over her jade-like, well-defined clavicle.

He stuck his lips on her neck and fiercely alternated between sucking and biting, his scalding hot breath constantly fanning her skin.

She clamped her teeth together.

She wanted to hold it in at first, but when she realized the mans vicious and provocative actions, she could no longer tolerate him and pushed him away by force.

She stepped down from the bed, made her way to the vanity mirror, and stared into it.


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