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“Mu Yazhe”

The man looked up to see Yun Shishi carrying a heavy load of dirty laundry.

She saw the toy design sheets in his hands and warned sternly, “Dont touch anything you see in there, or else Youyou will get angry!”

That study room was Youyous little world.

She would sometimes enter to dust and air the room but she never once touched anything else inside.

He placed the design sheets down and went out of the room.

From the corner of his eye, as if he had discovered the New World, he spotted the bedroom and made a beeline for it.

Her forehead broke out in a cold sweat as she stood at the side.

This appeared to be just like a noble who was provided for touring the slums.

She did not give it further thought, however, and just continued carrying the clothes into the washroom.

She decided to take this time to wash everything.

Meanwhile, the man proceeded to help himself to the bedroomtour.

Upon entering the room, a double bed, fitted with light blue quilt and bed sheet that gave off playfulness and warmth, greeted his eyes.

Youyou liked blue and preferred simple things, so the bedsheets had a minimalist design.

Many books were arranged on the bed stand.

He picked out a few casually; there were novels, fables, comic book strips, and even fairytales.

He felt that, through this collection of books, he had finally found traces of innocence belonging to a child.

He slowly sat down on the bed.

Images of Yun Tianyou leaning on the headboard and lazily flipping through the comic books appeared in his mind.

The school recommended this list of books to parents.

Yun Shishi specially purchased a few series at the bookstore according to the booklist and placed them on the bed stand.

Before going to bed at night, she would cradle the boy in her arms and gently read him stories from the books.

Usually, the little lad had a distaste for these comics and books that were like childs play to him; he found them to be a tad boring and dull, but because he loved his mommys storytelling, he tolerated listening to them.

Her voice was really gentle – its silky smooth quality was like that of a lady of Jiangnan speaking in Suzhou dialect.

To him, falling asleep to her lovely voice was the happiest thing in the world.

This small living quarter exuded a lifeful atmosphere and tranquil warmth.

The bed in the small room was not large enough to accommodate Mu Yazhes frame, and he could not lay his limbs comfortably no matter what position he assumed, but as he caught a whiff of a buttery smell belonging to a child and a refreshing smell unique to Yun Shishi, he somehow felt at peace inside.

The amalgamation of fragrance was serene and refined.

It was neither extravagant nor intense and was, instead, sweet to the soul and healing to the bone.

A moment of tranquility wrapped him in its warm embrace.

When she stepped into the bedroom again and spotted the man in deep slumber in bed, she reflexively let out a smirk.

She clearly remembered a certain man telling her earlier that he was full of vitality.

She moved cautiously to the side of the bed and bent down to observe the mans sleeping face closely.

The man asleep had his eyes slightly closed.

Under the dim lights, faint shadows were formed beneath his sharp features.

His long and slender eyes and his thick, jet-black lashes were beautiful and attractive.

She raised a brow in surprise.

She remembered that, when Youyou was born, he already had thick, inky hair, and once he fell asleep, soft and full lashes would frame his eyes – they were much thicker than hers.

It turned out that he had inherited them from this man.

The bridge of his aquiline nose was tall.

He seemed to be a statue manifested through supreme and careful craftsmanship.

This was especially the case for those thin and kissable lips; they were of a form presently highly sought after for a kiss.

They were thin but arrogant.

When he smiled, the curve at the corner of his lips was cold but charming.


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