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“Little thing, tell me; what have I taught you so far”

As he spoke these words, he brashly reached out to cop a feel of her breast while he bowed his head to bite her lower lip.

The tip of his tongue ran over her lip flaps as he sniggered lewdly, “You mean this”

It was clear that he had not taught her anything useful except for abominable matters!

She let out a scream and forcefully pushed him away.

Anger welled up in her eyes.

“What… What are you doing!”

We are inside an elevator, and it can stop for passengers any time.

How can he not know how to restrain his perverted behavior here!

The more deeply she thought of it, the more embarrassed and annoyed she felt.

Just then, his hand phone rang.

She heaved a sigh of relief, thinking that the man would pick up the call and the disaster would be averted.

Unfortunately, it seemed that he did not intend to let her go as he merely ignored the loud ringtone and continued to advance on her.

His slender fingers gently stroked her face as he studiously examined it.

With a low growl, he lamented, “What a bewitching face!”

Her pure and innocent expression, coupled with traces of coyness, was enough to capture any mans heart.

With a cryptic smile, he lowered his head and pecked lightly at the corner of her lips.

“Has anyone ever told you that you are a vixen”

She ignored the mans provocation by turning her head away.

He suddenly looked down when two pieces of sultry sensation swelled up within him.

His palm groped her waist unceremoniously and pinched hard the flesh he felt, causing her to yelp in pain.

His fragrance tainted with a heavy tobacco scent whiffed from between his teeth.

His sizzling tongue robbed her of her breaths as it slid between her lip crevice, gently cloaked her lilac-like tongue, and started to suckle lustfully.

Ill at ease, she tried to avoid his advances.

She pushed him away furiously.

As she lifted her head to check the jumping numbers on the elevator panel, his eyes gradually deepened.

This man can be so mischievous even at a public space like the inside of this elevator! What if someone catches us in action when we reach the ground floor…

Lost in her thoughts, he took this chance to surreptitiously reach for her back and probe the skin within her dress…

She regained her senses in that instant and started to struggle madly, slapping his chest with both hands to make him stop.

When she could not deter his invasive actions, she bit hard on his tongue in a drastic move.

The two pairs of lips parted as the blunt pain shot through.

Wiping her lips while seething, she gave him a dark look.

“Mu Yazhe, you are going overboard!”

Earlier when she saw how he had carried Youyou with such loving tenderness, her heart was moved, and she had a change of view of this man.

His pretense had unexpectedly fallen through at this moment!

He was dazed for a second before he leered at her, his brow arching predatorily.

Did this woman just bite me again

He felt incredulous and found her even more interesting!

This woman looked frail and weak, yet she resisted him time and again.

It seemed that even a demure kitten could be ferocious when it showed its claws!

One had to know, with his position and status, how many women would flock to him and even willingly lower their dignity for his pandering.

Unlike them, this woman was unwilling to be with him.

Somehow, this fanned his desire to conquer her!

Exerting more effort into this pursuit would be good as well.

In this way, he could truly savor the process of overcoming her, which was what he was after!

She fearfully retracted her shoulders when she saw his predatory look.

This man had a frightening stare, so, in the end, she decided to hang her head low and avoid his look.


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