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Yun Shishi told him, “Whats there to be afraid of Dad, please just dont be deceived by them again.

I feel relieved that youve seen their true colors.

In the future, let me provide for your old age.

Dont tell me that I have to watch you live your life with no one to rely on! Youve raised me till this age; I will definitely repay your kindness!”


Clearly, he was the one who owed her so much!

Yun Yecheng was moved yet annoyed.

His lips quivered as he constantly nodded.

She might be adopted, but she was more filial than his biological daughter! He might have given birth to a heartless and good-for-nothing wr*tch, but he was relieved to have found a caring daughter like Yun Shishi.

This time, he did not reject her offer and simply replied, “Well talk about this later! That woman will definitely not take this lying down after I divorce her.

Shell certainly make a fuss about dividing the familys assets and try to implicate you!”

“Dividing the familys assets” She seethed.

“Do you still have to share your property with that woman”

“Ill certainly not! Luckily, I wasnt befuddled back then.

When I bought that apartment, I registered it under your name.

Even though we are divorcing, I wont let her benefit from me! This is an evil shes brought on herself, so she should bear its consequences! I, Yun Yecheng, have never treated her unfairly.

I dont feel ashamed even though were divorcing—only the possibility of troubling you!”

She was a little bewildered.

That four-room condominium that their family had bought back then from resale was actually registered under her name

When the father-daughter pair came back indoors, for reasons unknown, the ward was packed with nurses.

Yun Yecheng saw the handsome man by the bed and was instantly confused.

“This is…”

He seemed to have met him before.

At her fathers mention, she took a look at Mu Yazhe and said a little sheepishly, “He he… This is my university professor, Mr.


“Hes this young!” Her father was quite flabbergasted.

The man before his eyes was clearly only 27 or 28.

He appeared to be extremely handsome and youthful; he truly was a fine specimen of a man.

When he raised his face, his perfectly carved facial features and beautiful appearance were akin to a royalty standing above the masses.

With just one look, one could feel his intimidating aura!

He was clearly still young, yet he came across as mature and reserved, and each movement of his exuded elegance.

In front of him, one would have a feeling of inferiority!

Even Yun Yecheng could not help but feel a little ill at ease.

“So youre Shishis university professor! Nice to meet you! You look very young.”

Mu Yazhe coordinated with her and nodded, but he seemed to possess a cold personality as he did not say anything much.

“This… Whats the matter” She was surprised at the presence of a few nurses in the ward.

“Were changing rooms,” Mu Yazhe replied straightforwardly.

She then recalled that the hospitals director whom she had previously met seemed to have mentioned something about them being moved into a deluxe room.

In any case… Why were there so many nurses gathered in this ward

She could only see these nurses crowding at the door of the ward and surveying Mu Yazhe from head to toe with either astonishment or adoration.

At first, when the head of the inpatient department informed the nurses that the young patient in this ward was to be moved to a deluxe room, a few of them brought over a hospital bed to facilitate the transfer.

However, upon entering the ward, these nurses spotted a handsome man sitting by the bed gently caressing the childs face.

That side profile, which was as perfect as the gods, instantly stole everyones hearts.

“Oh, my god.

The family of a patient in ward 702 is so good-looking!”

“How good-looking is he”

“Hes better-looking than a celebrity; he instantly defeated Gu Xingze in the looks department! Also, he has a very gentlemanly aura – hes definitely well-off!”


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