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Yun Shishi placed the goods she had purchased on the nightstand and sat down at the side.

For a moment, both of them remained silent.

At first, when the man carried the child affectionately, some emotion throbbed in her heart.

However, now, she could not help but be a little worried.

Would this man have a change of mind after seeing the child Was he going to acknowledge the child and bring him back to the Mus!

Although this man acquiesced to leaving the child by her side, he had never stated that he would give up on this childs custody rights.

Carrying on the line was usually heavily emphasized among the rich.

This child was, ultimately, of his bloodline.

Even if he agreed not to bring him back, would the Mu family consent to this

Perhaps, not!

She could not help but be a little distressed.

She was not careful enough; she should have hidden the child well.

Now that his identity was out in the open, she was very much in a passive situation.

Mu Yazhe carried the little boy carefully.

He continued to have his head lowered, as he was engrossed in observing his supple face for the longest time.

She was not just surprised by this.

In fact, she was very shocked.

From what she had gathered based on the rumors circulating around, she had this impression of the man being tyrannical toward others.

When they first met, he appeared in the dimly lit room with an unapproachable aura.

Every movement of his brooked no interference.

He seemed like a ruler standing above all, not tolerating defiance or disobedience from anyone.

No matter how frightened she was, the man gave her no consideration.

They met again six years later, and he was still his haughty self.

Of course.

He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, after all.

He was born a crown prince.

Living his life in luxury and splendor, he was always aggressive and arrogant to the point of being insufferable.

Right now, however, the man in front of her was not his obnoxious self and, contrary to her expectation, he was, in fact, very patient.

What was more surprising to her was the way he held the child; he held him in the proper way and did not show any signs of clumsiness and awkwardness.

He did it properly to the extent where Youyou could sleep soundly in his arms.

Did he frequently carry Little Yichen to sleep like this

He must be very experienced.

Still, with his position, he had probably hired a group of nannies to take care of the child most of the time, right Was he taking care of him by himself as well

She surveyed him for a long time.

He raised his head coldly and looked toward her.

Meeting his eyes, she was slightly shocked and averted her gaze shyly in haste.

There was yet another long bout of silence.

She surreptitiously lifted her gaze at him, only to see the man maintaining the same posture as if his arms had never ached.

How capable.

When she carried Youyou, her arms would give way after two hours and ache dully.

“Arent you tired”

Mu Yazhe raised an elegant brow and shook his head.


“Let me carry him for a while, then!” she said.

He directed his eyes to the little boys face and spoke slowly, “Theres no need; I want to carry him a little longer.”

“Ergh…” she sounded.

“Youre incredible.

Dont your arms ache”

He had a loving gaze in his eyes when he answered, “When Yichen was much younger, he always had nightmares.

Every time he woke up, I would coax him back to sleep like this.”

At the mention of that other child, her heart palpitated.

An aching surge of heat seemed to flow into and continuously tumble in her chest.

“Why did he have constant nightmares”

He furrowed his brows as he was puzzled by that, too.

“He dreamed of someone bullying his younger brother.”

She was stunned.

“This… What was this dream”

“I dont know!” He slightly narrowed his eyes.

“Perhaps, this is telepathy between the twins”

“Is there really something so magical like telepathy” She was amazed by this.


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