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Returning to her department, she hurriedly took out her ATM card with trembling hands and reddened eyes.

She then went to the nearest bank to withdraw a few thousand dollars and paid off Yun Na's debts entirely.

The thugs, satisfied, counted the money while giving her a fierce stare.

Eventually, they strutted away without causing further trouble.

Back in the company, the manager summoned her to his office and fired her for 'bringing massive trouble and loss to the company'.

He asked her to pack her belongings and leave the company's premises as soon as possible.

Earlier, she was able to remain calm despite being surrounded and confronted by those evil men.

Right now, with the knowledge that she might lose her job, her eyes instantly turned red.

She did not care about anything else.

She pleaded with the manager not to fire her.

She still had Youyou.

She could not lose this job.

If she were to, then what about their living expenses for this period of time

The Yun family still had quite a large debt to pay off, and Youyou was still young – a time where money was needed.

Nowadays, the school fee for his kindergarten was incredibly high.

Adding to this expense was the nutritional needs' fee for his frail body, which was already exponentially high.

Stacking on to this was their living expenses.

She was already at her wits' end.

Seeing her beg this earnestly, the manager was naturally moved.

In all honesty, Yun Shishi was a very competent worker.

Although she was the only female worker in the IT department, her skills were not inferior to her male colleagues.

Moreover, she was hardworking, devoted, and conscientious toward her job.

However, the incident this time had made the higher-ups unhappy, and they came to a decision to fire her.

He had no say in this, as he did not have the authority to let her stay.

Therefore, although Yun Shishi pleaded, the result was still set in stone.

When she got off work, she simply packed her stuff and left the company building.

Several employees learned of her leaving; many were happy and a few were saddened.

Many of them felt that it was better for this Yun Shishi to scoot off.

In the office, she was in the limelight on a regular basis, snatching away their chances of getting a promotion.

With her great capabilities and outstanding visuals, the department head favored her.

She even had the highest annual bonus amongst them.

Therefore, majority felt more relaxed when they learned of her dismissal.

They had one less competition now, after all.

There were a handful of colleagues that she had a pretty good relationship with.

Learning of her dismissal, they sympathized and exchanged contacts with her before bidding her farewell.

Yun Shishi left the company and walked on the road looking despondent.

Her heart was burdened with sacks of depression.

Perhaps, she had gotten too absent-minded as she walked with her head down that she failed to notice the red light being up and the blasting of the horn of an approaching sports car.

Only when she heard the screeching sound of car brakes – sharp, loud, and grating to the ears – did she return to her senses.

However, it was already too late.

The sports car speeding along scraped past her body and came to a complete halt not far from her.

Yun Shishi had yet to react when the car brushed by her and she was knocked down to the ground.

Her muddle-headedness disappeared when she felt immense pain radiate from her knee which was scraped on asphalt as she fell.

The documents she originally held in her chest now lay scattered on the ground.

Yun Shishi lifted her eyes in shock and saw an extremely posh Porsche with a streamlined body.

No matter which angle one looked at it, the car was simply magnificent.

Yun Shishi once saw a description for this sports car in a magazine.

Rumors had it that it was a world-wide limited edition, custom-made car.

Only three of this existed in the entire world!

Once more, her attention returned to her bruised knee when it ached.

The corner of her skirt was torn open by the friction between the car and the fabric, and her knee that was carelessly scraped just now had some dust in it as it bled profusely.


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