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In Mu Yazhes rules, the most important ones were, one, no kissing scene, two, no bed scene, three, no hugging scene, four…

The first three rules were enough to make his blood boil!

What does he mean by these

He could circumvent the second rule, but what about the orders of no kissing, hugging, and holding hands

Are we still shooting a movie

Do we have to find a double for the light-kissing and holding-hand scenes in a teen flick

When he went to protest to the man at his office, the latter did not even bat an eye at him and merely shot back, “Either you follow my rules, or you dont shoot the movie.”

He almost concussed from rage.

What could he do, though; what else could he say

Who was Mu Yazhe He was the one and only heir-in-line to Disheng Financial Group.

Everyone, from top to bottom of the food chain, depended on this man for their livelihood.

His objection was in vain.

All of these happened in the future, though.

Currently, she was clueless on what he had in mind and just assumed that he had wholeheartedly consented to keeping Gu Xingze when he said, “But theres a condition.”

“What condition”

He gave her a charming smile as he uttered crisply, “Kiss me.”

She was taken aback by his request, and her cheeks flushed ruddily.



“Hey, Mu Yazhe!”


He looked lighthearted as he slowly counted down; he seemed to be a ruler sitting on high grounds while waiting for her service.

She was flabbergasted but resigned to her fate eventually as she slowly inched closer to him.

Water rippled across the bathtub as their bodies gradually hugged as one.

She moved close to his face and gave his fiery lips a soft kiss.

She lifted her head and caught sight of his gleaming eyes, which prompted her to cower for a few seconds.

His deep and pearly dark orbs seemed to hide a trace of lust, but she did not notice that; she could only tell that he was suppressing something within him.

Both sat staring at each other in this way and did not dare to move a step.

“Thats all”

“What else, then” She frowned a little.

“Woman, you have bad kissing skills,” he mercilessly criticized.

“Well, Im sorry.

Do you want me to practice with another man first” she mockingly retaliated.

He promptly jumped up menacingly, as if he were a dog whose tail had been stepped on, and hissed darkly, “How dare you!”

“I have no kissing skills, but what about you Do you need to bite when you kiss” she chokingly retorted in embarrassment

No one could blame her, right! After all, she had never been in a proper relationship with a man before! While others were enjoying their youth and joyously in love, she was busy with her studies, raising Youyou, and working for their sustenance!

Putting aside the issue of kissing, she had no experience on such affectionate behaviors.

At the gala, her heart was already throbbing nervously when she held the superstars hand.

He let out an evil laughter and then panted softly, “Ive no kissing skills; do you want to try”

“Who wants to practice with you!” Her face blushed crimson as she exclaimed in bewilderment.

Without a delay and without caring for her opinion, the man forced his thin lips close to her face.

This kiss was not pushy like the ones in the past; it was soft and gentle on her lips.

His moist tongue traced the outline of her lips carefully and lightly – sometimes hard and other times barely touching.

With his eyes closed, he dwelled on this kiss.

Tiny threads of honey seemed to flow between their pair of lips.

It was tantalizing beyond words as the kiss lingered further and deeper.


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