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He did it with her again.

His exploration of her body was conducted with much gentleness; his wild and forceful manner was absent during this round.

She clenched her teeth and locked her hands on his sexy back.

After their ultimate joy, the man gently buried his face at the base of her neck and, in an almost inaudible tone, compromised with her.

“Ill be the one to love you and not anyone else in the future.”

Stunned for two seconds, she looked at him with her hazy eyes from crying.

He was staring at her with his head bowed.

His anger clearly had yet to dissipate; nonetheless, a touch of loving tenderness was evident on his face.

Is that heartache Is his heart… aching for me

The man got up and carried her to the bathroom where the bathtub was.

The bathtub was big and spacious enough to easily accommodate his long frame.

With her in his embrace, he turned on the shower head and let the warm water cascade on their flesh.

They sat face-to-face in long silence before the vexation in his eyes dissolved.

It was her turn to feel lost in his action this time.

She felt awkward lying next to him in the same bathtub.

“Have you stopped crying” He lightly stroked her nose bridge.

She turned away, refusing to acknowledge him.

However, not only was she unable to ignore his presence for long, she was also clueless on what she should do under the present circumstance.

They had a huge row earlier, and although it ended in a truce, she was still simmering in indignation.

His eyebrows twitched at her reaction.

Pouring some shower foam on her back, he started to lightly rub her skin with a scrub towel.

She involuntarily retreated from his touch, seemingly in silent protest.

He pulled her closer to him, giving her no chance to resist, and continued to clean her body.

His action was soft and gentle for someone who had not done this before.

Cleaning her twice last night clearly gave him sufficient experience to know how much pressure he needed to scrub her waist and back.

Her body was stiff and sore from lying in the bed for a whole day.

He was overly energetic, and she could hardly keep up with his demands.

She inhaled sharply in pain even though his rubbing was light.


It was hard to describe this kind of pain.

“Dont contact him anymore,” he carefully said, “Ill change the male lead in that movie.”

She turned to stare at him in disbelief.

His face was calm when he met her gaze.

“Change the male lead Why”

“I dont like the way he looks at you.”

He paused and reiterated, “I dont like him to touch or kiss you.

It is that simple.”

She looked at him with slanted eyes.

His repeated message of jealousy took her by surprise.

“Why do you dislike that”

“It irks me.”

He pouted at the thought of her being in contact with other men.

“Mu Yazhe, why do you mind that Im in contact with other men”

He answered matter-of-factly, “You are my woman.”


“Why” He eyed her suspiciously, his expression instantly stiffening.

“Dont change the lead,” she told him.

She did not want to involve Gu Xingze in their affair.

“Why Are you feeling sorry for him” He sneered.

“Dont tell me that you like him!”


She glared at him exasperatedly. Why is this man so unreasonable What gives him the impression that I like Gu Xingze!


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