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“Woman, are you still unclear of your standing Do I have to remind you of your status for you to know what you can do and cannot do”

“My status What is my status You tell me what my status is!”

Her extreme indignation propelled her to shoot back at him aggressively.

She seemed to realize the meaning behind his words as she tugged his sleeves with both her hands.

In a trembling voice, she continued, “Do you mean that Im… your lover, your woman, and your belonging Are you referring to these three when you talked about status”

He stared at her coolly and expressionlessly, as though admitting to her interrogation.

She coolly burst into laughter all of a sudden.

“Mu Yazhe, you are too much! Who do you think I am, and what do you treat me as Your toy and your belonging Someone whos at your beck and call!”

“Isnt it so” the man frostily retorted.

He had obviously been antagonized by her based on his angry look.

“You have a sharp, little mouth; do you really need to win all the time You are my woman now, and since you are that to me, please be respectful and stop flirting around.

I dont like others touching my thing! I dont like it.”

“Your thing”

“Isnt it so What you have on you, including yourself, all belongs to me!”

His tyrannical declaration was like an inviolable law.

She snorted, his words sounding funny to her ears.

With red-rimmed eyes and an incredulous expression, she sneered at him.

“Im your thing You keep saying that Im your woman, but what do you treat me as Am I your toy or your belonging! Alright, if thats the case, then Ill return everything to you!”

Saying this, her fingers deftly unbuttoned the clothes she was wearing.

She removed the coat and threw it at him as she screamed, “Here; Ill return that to you! What I owe you, Ill return to you! Take everything back!”

Looking perplexed, he held her shoulders and stopped her. Why is this woman so stubborn Did I mean that Did my words come out as that!

“Why must you put yourself down”

“I put myself down You are the one putting me down!”

She paused for a bit and then sarcastically continued, “How am I flirting around Did I ever seduce you You are the one messing with me in the first place! Am I so cheap to be your kept woman Did I beg you for it Did I shamelessly stick around you No, I didnt! The only wrong thing I did is to sign that unfair contract with you six years ago! I admit that I wasnt forced; I signed it willingly! You paid me handsomely under that contract… but thats a fee in exchange for my rights as a mother! If it werent for my fathers company being in a crisis, do you think Id be willing to do that Do you think ten million or a billion can be used to buy my child or exchange my rights as a mother! Ill give you one billion and you return my child to me; can you do that! Are you willing to do that!”

Her confession was a shot to her heart, and it pried open the long-hidden wound that was hurting inside her.


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