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“… Mhm.”

Gu Xingze hesitated to speak and only replied with a hum.

He wanted to say more, but he was vexed to realize that he was not in the position to do so.

Yun Shishi also felt extremely awkward.

When the two, who were on the phone, heard each others breathing, they instantly fell silent.

The extended period of silence made them feel as if time had stopped.

It went on like this until he let out a sigh from the other side.

“Shishi, dont be afraid.”

Her eyes bulged in astonishment.

“Are you and him a thing”

He sounded her out.

His mention ofhim made her recall what had happened last night.

She froze and nodded in a daze, forgetting that they were on the phone, and he could not see her.

“That man isnt as simple as you think.

Its best if you dont get involved with him.”

There was obviously an unfounded worry in his voice.

That man was not that simple

It was only yesterday that she truly found out about the mans identity.

He belonged to the Mu, the wealthiest family in the capital, and was at the helm of Disheng Financial Group, which had drawn the attention of the world.

The man, Mu Yazhe, had an absolutely noble status since birth.

She never wanted to get involved with him whatsoever.

There seemed to be a vast chasm separating him and her.

They belonged to two worlds, and it was difficult to cross over to the other.

They absolutely did not have a future together.

She replied, “I know that.”

“You dont know, Shishi.

That man is far from simple.”

He paused briefly and lowered his voice.

“Do you love him”


That man

No… How could she possibly love such a domineering man!

She blanked out and then shook her head, but her voice got stuck in her throat, and like a damaged machine, she could not let out a sound.

He noted her silence and continued slowly, “That man is very dangerous.

If you stay with him, you can get hurt.

Shishi, I dont want to see you getting hurt.”

A complete and coherent line went past his lips.

After another bout of silence, he suddenly said, “Ill feel hurt, too.”

Her heart clenched as her brows knitted.

For a moment, her mind was completely blank.

No women could resist a mans gentility.

This included her.

She was initially armed to the teeth, but when she was faced with his gentle words, her armor was discarded at once, and her lips unconsciously formed a smile.

This smile did not last long, however.

Mu Yazhes furious face flashed across her eyes, and she suddenly recalled the position she was in.

The man seemed to dislike her being in contact with other men.

Whatever position she was in, she always felt thankful to Gu Xingze, but gratitude did not equate to love.

If she did not love him, on what grounds should she let him get hurt

She weakly said, “Xingze, thank you, but I dont wish to implicate you.”



“Shishi, listen; I may be much stronger than you think.”

He impulsively boasted, but it sounded more like a warm welcome.

The man seemed to be warmly inviting her to hide under his unfurled, protective wings.

“Shishi, let me protect you… okay”

The fingers that held her phone suddenly stiffened.

A wall in her heart crumbled down a bit as she was caught off guard.

At this moment, she, who was absorbed in her self-contradictions, absolutely did not realize the ominous presence closing in on her from behind.


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