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“Er You are regretful” The man chuckled uncontrollably.

This child was such a smooth-talker; who did he learn it from

“Whether you choose to be family or foe, its got nothing to do with me.

Whatever it is, you will never be part of my family!” the little lad declared before lowering his voice, “Return mommy to me.

Im warning you; youd better not touch her.”

He sounded cold and malicious.

While his voice sounded tender and youthful, his tone was deterrent.

Mu Yazhe realized that despite the twins being born on the same day, they were very different.

Compared to the rascal on the phone, Little Yichen was an angel.

This son had his fathers charisma; both talked in the same fashion.

He was bold and daring just like his father despite his young age.

“You are not adorable at all,” he commented while sitting on the bed and tenderly stroking Yun Shishis cheeks.


Its none of your business.”

Yun Tianyou regained his composure soon after.

He paced back and forth the room and, in the end, took a firm seat at his desk.

From the drawer, he reached out for his checkbook.

Raising a brow, he told the man, “Name the price.”

“!” His father wore a stunned expression.

“How much How much money can make you stay away from my mommy”

How much money

The mans mouth twitched.

Is the boy negotiating a price with me using his piggy bank!

“Are you negotiating with me”

“Why not We, businessmen, talk with money; dont waste my time on small talk.” With one hand on the phone, Yun Tianyou held the pen between his lips and removed its cap using his other hand.

“How much are we looking at, then”

“One billion; is that enough”

The man burst into laughter.

One billion; how is the child going to come up with that sum

When he was six, although he came from old money, he did not even have thousands of millions in his name, let alone one billion.

Where could the child get that one billion

He was not looking down on the boy and was just being realistic.

Besides, did he need that one billion

“One billion in dollars; is that not enough”

The twomen, separated by the phone, were in direct confrontation.

It was a tense moment.

“Not enough.”

“Ten billion, then; is that enough” Yun Tianyou wore a confident smile on his face as he twirled the pen with his fingers.

He acted like a businessman – one who knew he would get what he wanted.

The sons confident manner and astronomical offer were an eye-opener for the father.

“How about this; lets have a fair competition.” Spontaneously getting up and walking toward the floor-to-ceiling window, the man stood there and said this.

The clear windowpane reflected his slender frame.

The smile on Yun Tianyous face stiffened.

“Fair competition”

“No money can match the value of this woman to me.

Shes priceless in your heart and in mine as well.”

“He he! Youve overestimated yourself.” The boy sniggered.


Mu, between you and me, who do you think mommy will choose You will lose this bet.”

“Oh That may not be true.

Lets wait and see.”

The boys expression shifted uncontrollably.

He made a fist and tightly clenched the pen in his palm.

Where did that mans courage to provoke him come from

No one can replace my place in mommys heart.

Is that man going to challenge me

Frustrated, he cut the call and exhaustedly slumped on the leather seat.

Despite his audacity on the phone earlier, he was not all that confident in his heart.


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