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Can a six-year-old be such a rascal and so good at acting

In his heart, he was more bewildered than amazed at the boy.

The child was like a puzzle to him.

He was only six years old; how capable could he be A normal kid at Yun Tianyous age would not know much.

Those who were average might not speak well yet and probably needed their fingers to count.

He had even seen children his sons age fearful and wary of strangers.

There were even those timid ones who would hide behind their parents.

Little Yichen was deemed as smart for his age.

He had superior intelligence and, although aloof, was just a kid at heart.

Little Yichen was definitely different from this boy, who was scheming like an adult.

He could still remember how the boy had called him by his full name on the phone that day.

There was no hint of fear in the childs voice, only calmness with an unexplained coldness and detachment.

The child seemed to know his identity as his biological father despite not meeting each other before.

In fact, he was coolly warned never to get near the mother again.

He is super protective of his mother at such a tender age.

Any slightest threat to her is magnified and deemed as unforgivable in his eyes.

Six years old… What can a child do at such an age Still, he confidently told me off,Who do you think you are

He even warned,I wont let you off easily.

He was alarmed, indeed.

He had been a child before, too.

When he was six, he was just a naughty kid, who grew up in a secured environment.

Although he was mature for his age, it did not make a big difference, unlike this kid.

He was a little wary of what kind of mature soul could be residing inside the boys young body.

On the other end, Yun Tianyou was fidgeting with the toy in his hands as he sat in his study room.

Hearing a shallow gasp on the phone, he attributed it to poor signal.

“Mommy Mommy, can you hear Youyou”


It was a throaty mature tone; Mu Yazhe finally spoke.

The mans voice hit Yun Tianyou like lightning; his body froze on the spot.

“Are you… Mu Yazhe” he forced this question out of his mouth, his tone no longer innocent and childlike.

It sounded as if two grown men were coldly confronting each other on the phone.

The boy frowningly stood up from the chair; his fingers shook in his shock.

“Yes, its me.

Why are you calling me by my name”

“What should I call you, then” Yun Tianyou mockingly asked before he suddenly questioned, “Why is my mommys phone with you”

“Shh,” he shushed with a smile, saying, “Your mother is sound asleep; keep your voice down.”

“Why is she at your place” The boy could not accept this fact, and he furrowed his brows in grave alarm.

This must be a big shock to him.

“Didnt I tell you to stay away from her”

“You asked me to choose when we last spoke, yes” he kindly reminded him and, seemingly in a good mood, said, “Well, Ive made my choice.”

Yun Tianyou stroked his chin and thought for a moment.

‘Family or foe, you choose.


Mu, I think you have made a mistake,” the boy coolly said, “I take back my words.”

“Er You are regretful” The man chuckled uncontrollably.

This child was such a smooth-talker; who did he learn it from


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