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The driver instantly paled.

He was so shocked his lips trembled.

The door was unlocked.

Mu Yazhe carried the stupefied Yun Shishi out of the car.

She was so frail and light he could easily hold her in one arm.

He hailed Tang Yu into the car with his other hand.

With a click , the door was shut.

The driver was even more confused by now.

“Whats going on”

He simply said, “Youve got the wrong woman.

This is the correct one.”


The car door was shut and locked after she was thrown into the back seat.

To her horror, she realized that the car door could not be opened, and she panicked.

She did not understand; why did Mu Yazhe throw her into a strangers car

She frantically hit and slapped the car window, crying hideously, “Director Mu, what is the meaning of this! Why am I thrown into this car! Am I not keeping you company tonight!”

“Start the car!”

He completely ignored her and coldly commanded the driver.

The moment he said these words, the driver took off, feeling relieved to receive amnesty.

The car throttled past his sports car, screeching away with Tang Yus desperate screams.

Poor Tang Yu thought she had clinched a good deal with Mu Yazhe to propel her to stardom.

She was unfortunately just a bait in his eyes, though.

To put it bluntly, she was just a scapegoat.

A Phaeton was seen rushing over in the distance.

Min Yu adjusted the spectacle rim on his nose and stepped off the car.

He saw Mu Yazhe carrying Yun Shishi in his arms.

The woman was intoxicated and lay lamely against his chest, her body shifting uneasily at the same time.

He asked in a hushed tone, “Boss, this is…”

“Yun Shishi.” His eyes revealed a tinge of gentleness as he muttered her name.

“Shes the one, huh!” He breathed audibly and sincerely complimented, “She is really beautiful she seems to have come out of a painting.”

His expression changed at his mans words.

He threw Min Yu a sidelong glare.

“Do I need you to judge her looks”

The dangerous gleam in his eyes sent shivers down Min Yus spine.

His boss was extremely possessive.

Mu Yazhe started eyeing him warily, as if he had the intention to covet her, when he merely glanced at her.

He would not dare to covet her even if he had more courage!

After all, he knew full well what his boss was capable of.

He had initially thought his boss was interested in Tang Yu and totally did not expect her to be just a scapegoat.


This was plain wickedness.

One should never ever offend his boss, or they would not know how they died in his hands.

Mu Yazhe carried her into the back seat and closed the car door.

Min Yu asked again, “Boss, where are we going”

“Home,” he calmly replied.

Min Yu understood where washome, and it was not referring to the Mu house.

“After this, you continue to monitor.”

“Yes, boss.

Dont worry.”

Mu Yazhe acknowledged with a cool hum and then looked down at the tipsy woman in his arms.

At this moment, she was resting on his chest; her brows furrowed slightly with eyes closed into sparkling thin slits.

Her tiny lips were pouting and muttering inaudibly.

Earlier, he saw Lin Fengtian brought a few investors to drink with her.

She only had a glass before she passed out.

Luckily, she was not a troublesome drunk, and she just curled up in a corner to sleep like a kitten.


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