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As Jin Yu, who was Gu Xingzes assistant helped Lu Jingtian into the medical room, she saw a pool of blood on the bed next to the door.

There was an unconscious lady lying in the bed inside the room.

She was taken aback by the horrifying scene.

“Gosh, what happened to this woman”

While she could not recognize the poor, disfigured woman lying in the bed, Lu Jingtian knew very well who the person was.

It was her doing that Yun Na ended up in this sorry state, after all.

The latters face looked hideous with the bloody wounds covering it.

Despite the efforts to stop the bleeding, the wound continued to ooze traces of blood.

This medical facility was ill-equipped and could only provide basic treatment.

She would need extensive medical treatment at a hospital.

She was, thus, irrevocably disfigured.

For a woman, such a fate would mean the end of a plausible career in the entertainment industry.

This was a dinner that destroyed her bright future.

Lu Jingtian, in a fit of anger, was vicious in her earlier attacks.

She was a little alarmed and a little regretful when she saw Yun Na again in the medical room.

Only now did she realize how fiendish she had been.

Seeing the poor woman when she opened the door to the medical room, she felt somewhat guilty.

She did not want to hurt anyone, but this woman was bitchy at the time and provoked her into losing her sensibility.

By the time she regained her composure, Yun Nas face had already been disfigured.

The eyebrow shaving knife might be small, but it was extremely sharp.

The cuts on the face were not deep, but they were bleeding profusely.

The bloody cuts densely crisscrossed one another, making the face look horrifying.

She had already called her father who would be sending someone to settle this matter soon.

To prevent this matter from getting out to the public, her family was prepared to cover up with a few millions in compensation.

This should satisfy the victim and their family and suppress any further issues from cropping up.

If Yun Na did not give up, she would just make use of a scapegoat, and that should settle the matter as well.

It was easy and simple to settle someone without power and status.

She turned toward Jin Yu and said, “Can I trouble you to get me an ambulance This place is repulsive; I cant stay here long.”

“Alright.” The assistant did not suspect anything fishy with the request and stepped out of the room to call for an ambulance.

Lu Jingtians request suited her intention, too.

She was pretty sure that the former had a broken toe, which would need medical attention.

After all, her toe was stepped on with a seven-inch sharp heel.

When Lu Jingtian saw that no one else was in the room anymore, she mustered her courage to walk up to where Yun Na was motionlessly lying.

She gingerly shook the woman in the bed with the tip of her toe and frowned worriedly when there was no response.

She remembered she had hit a few vital spots when she was teaching this woman a lesson.

Could it be that she had died from her ferocious attack

She put out a finger to check for breath and sighed in relief when she detected short pulsating breaths from the nostrils.

“B*tch, dont blame me for being vicious.

You brought this on yourself!”

She muttered and moved to pull back her finger when a bloody hand suddenly grabbed her wrist in a vice-like grip!

Lu Jingtian gasped with fear in her eyes.

The woman in the bed abruptly opened her blood-shot eyes.

She looked like a demon from hell, with her hideous face and large beady eyes, as she faced her attacker.

She was terrifying!

“Im going to kill… kill you! Ill kill you!”

Yun Na seemed to have been jolted out of a nightmare as she held tightly onto Lu Jingtians wrist and cursed through her gnashed teeth, “I – I wont let you off even when Im a ghost! Arghhhh!”

“Let go! Help! Its a ghost…”


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