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“Oh, really Theres a video surveillance over there.” Little Yichen pointed to the video surveillance at the side and continued, “I think it is facing your direction.

We can replay the scene and find out the truth, then!”

The little lad then pointed a finger to Lu Jingtian and, acting mysterious, continued, “The truth will prevail.”

He looked smug after saying this.

Apparently, he was feeling pleased with himself for coming up with such a cool statement.

Everyone went silent.

Yun Shishi was flabbergasted and tickled at the same time.

She was not prepared for Little Yichens cheeky remark.

Likewise, Mu Yazhe was unable to keep his usual calmness; his stern face had a rarely seen slight smile in it.

On the second floor, Yun Tianyou was fossilized by what he had just heard.

… Is my brother trying to be funny

Gu Xingze sniffled and then chuckled uncontrollably; he was amused by Little Yichens interesting look.

“Ha ha ha!”

The guests were also tickled by this cute childs antics.

His biological mother, who was in the crowd, looked at him with complex emotions.

She wanted to laugh but could not.

Was her child trying to shield her earlier

She did not expect it at all.

The mother-son pair had not seen each other since he was born.

Despite that, there seemed to be fetters that bound them both.

The saying,Blood is thicker than water, was true, indeed; their bond could not be easily erased.

Is this a connection

What did he address me earlier

Pretty sister

She could not stifle a chuckle this time.

When she first met this child, he looked aloof and detached.

He gave her the same impression as his father – someone whom no one could draw near – yet this child just showed her an adorable side tonight.

Youyou and this child were twins, but their temperaments were unlike.

Youyou was gentle, naïve, idealistic, and warm.

Sometimes, he would be surprisingly mature and adult-like, which made him very dependable.

Little Yichen seemed to take after his father.

He held a cool and deep demeanor, yet he could exude such a rare display of loveliness, too.

He should be a smart boy, right

One of her biggest regrets was missing out on the first six years of her other childs life.

The tense atmosphere had somewhat relaxed.

A chuckling Gu Xingze signaled the assistant by his side with a look.

The assistant took the hint and approached Lu Jingtian with the intention of bringing her to the medical room.

She was uncooperative at first but eventually had to succumb to the assistants skillful persuasion.

“Miss Lu, I believe you dont want to bring unwanted attention to yourself now.

That surveillance camera is facing your direction, and the earlier event shouldve been recorded by it clearly.

Unfortunately, Ive caught sight of what you did, too.

Xingze is creating a diversion for you now, so I highly recommend that you take this chance to get out of this situation.”

The assistant paused and then asked, “Do you really want to embarrass yourself in front of the media”

“I…” Lu Jingtian was speechless for a while before she tried one last ditch, “I dont like the attention shes receiving from everyone.

Why is the world revolving around her”

“Miss Yun Shishi is Xingzes partner in this gala.

He holds her in high esteem, but you are kicking up a fuss over her.

Are you trying to create trouble for him”

“Ive nothing against Brother Xingze!”

“Xingze is creating a chance for you to back off now, for the sake of your father as well.

Please dont do this again next time.”

“Sorry!” she relented and apologized, allowing the assistant to help her to the medical room.

This finally put an end to the drama.

The gala, thus, peacefully started.


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