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As Yun Shishi was about to walk past her, she sneakily stuck out her foot under her gown…

Unbeknown to her, the lady in red, perhaps due to her eyes evil glint while plotting, was already on guard against her.

Once bitten, twice shy.

Yun Shishi saw how Yang Mi had made a fool of Yun Na, so she was doubly observant of where she put her foot.

Gu Xingze betted his reputation to pave an entry for her on this important occasion, so she treasured this chance very much and was adamant to be at her very best, whether in manner or expression.

Thus, Lu Jingtians dirty look alerted her to watch her feet, and indeed, she discovered her ploy.

However, she pretended not to notice anything fishy as she glided past her with Gu Xingze.

On her feet were seven-inch heels; she eyed the right moment, and then she steadily lifted a foot and expertly brought a thin heel crashing down on top of the schemers foot.

“Ahhh!” Lu Jingtian did not see her enemy flip the table on her, so her foot was summarily maimed.

She shrieked from the pain coursing through her, and she was swiftly covered with beads of cold perspiration.

Yun Shishis stilettoes were well-formed with their thin, long heels, while Lu Jingtians were a pair of open-toed fish mouth heels, which went well with her outfit tonight.

Moreover, she deliberately aimed for her exposed toe, so it was hardly surprising for the recipient of her vicious attack to get a cracked toenail.

Lu Jingtian dropped on the floor from the sheer agony radiating from her broken toe.

She had opted for a short gown, and for no apparent reason, did not wear an underwear, so as she fell backward in full exposé, the media did not waste time in snapping photos of her disgraceful look before the guests.

Without caring for her public image, she howled ostentatiously and loudly.

Perspiration drenched her back as she became short of breath; tears flowed freely on her cheeks.

“Yun Shishi!”

Following that loud scream, Tang Yu jumped up and pointed an accusing finger at her.

“Did you do this on purpose!”

Yun Shishi was equally startled by thisaccident.

She stood motionless, covering her lips in confusion and helplessness.

A big commotion ensued as a result.

Gu Xingze protectively pulled Yun Shishi to his back as he warningly glared at Tang Yu, asking, “What do you mean”

His stare was unusually caustic; in an instant, the atmosphere became charged with tension.

Tang Yu faltered at his coldness.

She toned down her harsh words but did not stop her complaint.

“This newbie is downright disrespectful when she stepped on Miss Lus foot!”

Miss Lu was Lu Jingtians honorific in Huanyu Entertainment.

Only first-rate stars like Yang Mi and Han Yuyan could directly address her by her name.

Tang Yu was considered as a third-rate actress, so she could only call her Miss Lu.

Gu Xingze was unfazed.

“Did Shishi really step on Jingtians foot Did you see it for yourself”

Tang Yu admitted quietly, “No…”

Meanwhile, Yang Mi and Han Yuyan, who were standing at a far corner, did not show any intention of intervening.

They did not want to be entangled in such murky situations with Director Mu and Young Mistress Mu present.

“Yes… Shes the one who stepped on my foot!” Lu Jingtian appeared wretched as she said, “Shes so vicious.

Brother Xingze, I think I have a broken toe…”


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