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“Why are you here” she mumbled softly before he could continue speaking.

“How can I leave you alone Im worried about you.”

She hung her head miserably.

If it were like before, she could be his partner and openly hold his arm while receiving the artistes and medias questioning looks without qualms.

Right now, however, she felt that there was suddenly a chasm separating them.

He saw her dejection and went quiet as well.

The room turned cold with their silence.

A century seemed to have passed before the man walked up to the lady, and like a true gentleman, proffered his palm to her with his head bowed.

“Beautiful lady, are you willing to be my partner”

She glanced at him in surprise and then slowly put her hand in his.

“Im willing…”

Both smiled at each other.

A large chandelier hung in the center of a magnificent dining hall and illuminated the dance floor with its brilliant crystal lights.

Yun Tianyou looked around curiously, but his eyes were full of disappointment.

“Is this where my Mommy is going to attend the gala”

“Yes, Director Yun, its here.

Do you want me to bring you to a room for a respite”


In an elegant balcony on the second floor, Yun Tianyou, who was casually sitting on Li Hanlins lap, sipped the bubbling cola through the straw and roamed his eyes around.

A few major shareholders of Lezhi Holdings were also invited to this gala hosted by Huanyu Entertainment.

Li Hanlin, as a chief board member, was naturally among those invited.

Yun Tianyou was not interested in such events, but he wanted to see his mother in her glamor, so he had Li Hanlin arranged for him to be present, too.

He was wearing an iron-pressed black bib over a simple white shirt with a matching cute bow tie.

The round spectacles on his face made him look adorably dashing.

He criticized the hotels interior design, “This style is outdated!”

His agent gingerly explained with cold sweat littering his forehead, “Director Yun, this is the most prestigious hotel in Asia.

Theres none comparable to this.”

The boy frowned without changing his critical tone.

“The style is too low-class.”

There was a little commotion just as he spoke.

He raised his brow, jumped down from his agents lap, and ran toward the banister.

With his head between the two banister beams, he stretched his neck to take a closer look; Yang Mi, Han Yuyan, and other artistes slowly entered the event hall.

He frowned and pouted disappointedly, mumbling, “Wheres mommy”

Li Hanlin had followed him to the barrister and knelt beside him, totally unaware of his inappropriate behavior on this grand occasion.

“Director Yun, your mommy hasnt come in yet.”

Yun Tianyou agreed, “Yes! The most important person is always the last to enter.”

“This is the biggest gala Huanyu Entertainment has ever organized.

You can see so many first-rated stars and elites here.

This company is truly influential.”

“Hmph, these people are plain and crass.

They look dull,” the boy said with a pout.

His agent looked at him furtively and did not comment.

He knew that the boy only had eyes for his mother.

In his heart, his mother was the most important.


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