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“Dont touch me; you are filthy.” He cruelly threw his handkerchief at her.

“Daddy! Daddy!” Yichen ran to the man and asked gloomily, “When will the gala start”

His face softened a little as he looked at his son.

Gently taking his small hand in his, he replied, “Right away.”

“I wanna drink grape juice…”

“Okay!” He always granted Yichens every request.

The love he had for his son was beyond words.

Only after witnessing this scene did Mu Wanrou smile.

She stepped forward to lock arms with him.

“Zhe, the gala is about to begin.”

Mu Yazhe had no change in expression, and the trio slowly entered the elevator.

Lu Jingtian wanted to follow but retreated at the stare Mu Wanrou gave when the latter turned around.

Her heart and soul were shaken by it.

She clearly got scared by her menacing look.

She only regained her composure after the elevator doors were firmly shut.

“Yun Na, was it really Mr.


Li Jiuxians voice came from behind.

He fixed his eyes on to her and asked in desperation, “Was it really Mr.


“I – I am not telling you!” she sobbed meekly, “I dont know anything; dont ask me anymore…”


Lu Jingtian could no longer repress the raging fire in her heart and vengefully ran up to her.

She managed to clutch her hair at once and pulled it with all her might.

“B*tch! A lowly b*tch!”

Smack! A resounding slap was heard, and Yun Nas cheeks immediately swelled, leaving behind a palm imprint.

Everyone around was shocked speechless.

Li Jiuxian could not bear to see this but he did not have the courage to step out.

Offending her meant offending Huanyu Entertainment.

He was not stupid to that extent.

“Who are you! Why did you hit me!” Yun Na glared at her with tears all over her face.

She could not fathom where this woman had come from and why she had hit her.

“Who am I You dont have the rights to ask me that! I hit b*tches like you, you vixen!”

Lu Jingtian was aflame with rage.

She slapped her repeatedly without giving her a chance to speak.

“Ahhh—stop… HELP!”

Seeing this, Han Yuyan spun around and spoke to the crowd, “Everyone, scatter.

Miss Lu isnt happy today.

Lets head back to the event hall; the gala is about to start.”


Why are we all gathered here No eyes for the situation,” Yang Mi added.

The crowd cleared out right away.

Yun Na felt as if she had fallen into an ice cellar when she saw this.

Lu Jingtians livid face was enlarged before her.

“You areYun Na, right Why are you this despicable Have you not seen a man before that you dont know whom you can and cannot touch”

Yun Na bolstered her courage and threatened, “Dont go too far! I – I will get you for this! Do you know who I am!”

“I dont care who you are, but do YOU know who I am!” she countered and then shoved her toward the stairwell, furiously aiming her kicks at her chest.

It had been ages since Lu Jingtian had any form of training in taekwondo, but the strength in her legs remained formidable.

Yun Na suffered from her vicious kicks and nearly coughed up blood.

“Cou – Cough! Stop kicking; I – I wont do it again…” she spoke incoherently.

She did not have the strength to fight an opponent like her.

“Is there a use for pleading now You went around hooking up with men left and right with that face of yours, right” She squatted before her, took out a brow knife from her leather pouch, and then used it to apathetically threaten her into a corner.

“Ill destroy that face of yours for good.

Lets see how you can still go hooking up with men!”

“Ahhhh… NO!”

Yun Nas heart-wrenching cries echoed throughout the entire building.


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