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“Yes! What I said is the truth! I swear to god!” Giving this reply, she even held her palms up to take a solemn vow.

“Alright, Ill believe you!” Li Jiuxian smilingly said.

She broke into grateful tears.

He continued angrily, “Yun Shishi is too much.

You are her younger sister, and your father raised her, so how could she do this to you”

Sob… sob… sob… She pretended to cry in grief, though she was feeling smug inside.

She did not reckon for him to believe her story until now.

He was just too naïve and simple-minded.

As long as she had his backing, she could get out of this bad situation!

“She may look innocent, but shes actually very calculative.

She mustve used tricks to bewitch men.” Her words only made the others angrier.

Everyone saw how Gu Xingze had shielded her earlier.

That woman must be a vixen reincarnate, or why would the men be so eager to protect and please her!

“Stop crying, your eyes are already swollen! Its all in the past.

Shell get her retribution one day!” He patted her shoulder consolingly.

“Thank you, Brother Jiuxian,” she thanked him amid her sobs.

She looked at him with such pity-inducing sorrow; her cheeks flushed as tears glimmered in her eyes.

She knew this would hit his weak spot.

Yang Mi did not expect him to go to such length to protect a newcomer.

Does that mean he likes this kind of woman

“You are good with your acting.

How do we know if you are truly an unwilling party in this affair”

Lu Jingtian did not mince her words.

“You can find all kinds of women in this industry.

Theyll stop at nothing to get ahead of the competition! Youd better get lost quickly! Its revolting to see you like this.”

Li Jiuxian frowned in annoyance and wanted to rebuke, but he kept quiet when he saw Yang Mi glare at him.

Is this stupid man going to throw away his rice bowl for a woman

Who was Lu Jingtian

She was the daughter of the biggest shareholder in Huanyu Entertainment, and it was his agency as well as his source of income.

If this woman was antagonized by him, he might be unreservedly banned.

Li Jiuxian was a top idol, and gossips regarding them made for a hot topic now.

She needed to protect their soaring popularity.

“Who did you fool—” Yang Mi blurted out but quickly caught herself and corrected, “Who did this to you”

Yun Nas face was fearful and embarrassed when she heard that.

Was Yang Mi trying to embarrass her

Everyone was suddenly interested to hear her answer.

Everyone wanted to know who could be so sadistic to leave so many bruises and bite marks on her!

“Thats right; who did this to you”

“No… I cant say that; I dont dare to tell…”

She trembled when she recalled Yang Shouchengs sadistic ways and threats.

It was truly terrifying.

Yang Shoucheng and He Lingxiang were of the same kind.

They were ferocious in bed and out to do anything for fun.

They almost broke her bones when they were at it.

It was terrifying.


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