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“Stop right there.” Mu Yazhe gazed at Yun Shishi with a gloomy face.

The entire room was just like an ice cellar.

As if she had heard nothing, she was fixed on walking toward the door.

She did not want to be looked down on.

She was not a woman like that…

She bit on her lower lip with force.

Her hand had just touched the doorknob when, from behind her, he came up to her in large strides, held her by the waist, and carried her up.

“Ah!” she cried out and struggled.

“Mu Yazhe, let go of me!”

“You want him to see the you now”

He held her cheek firmly and maintained eye-contact with her fear-filled eyes.

He asked emotionlessly, “Ill let him in to look at the you now, hm”


She was so flustered she was at a loss.

She shuddered at his threat.

She did not wish for Gu Xingze to enter the room and was even more unwilling to face him in this manner!

This was her last straw of pride!

“Mu Yazhe, you cant do that!”

“I hope you understand now!” he announced, “I never takeno for an answer.

If I want something, one has to give it!”

After he said this, he forcefully threw her onto the large and soft bed!

Her body lightly bounced on the bed.

The mans towering body then inclined and pressed down on her as it blocked the luminous moonlight.

She was so shocked she felt suffocated.

She started to struggle in anxiety.

Her hands furiously hit his chest, but the man did not budge for even an inch.

No matter how hard she pushed and shoved, it was futile.

Why was this man so domineering

And this forceful!

He kept her under his control and planted a kiss on her with his chilly lips.

It was a nearly aggressive kiss – a kiss that did not seem to contain any affection.

Her face instantly paled in color.

She was so afraid she clenched her teeth and her shoulders slightly trembled!

He was sometimes gentle, sometimes careful, and sometimes crazed, just like a tempest sweeping across.

He kissed her softly, but she was clenching her teeth.

He looked at her with dissatisfaction.

His long fingers pinched her cheek, and he said in an attractively hoarse voice, “Open wide.”

She panted nervously, but her jaws remained tightly shut.

The man was disappointed.

Slightly narrowing his eyes, he held her cheeks with his large hands and pinched them hard.

This pinch hurt her, and she sucked in a breath of chilling air.

Taking this opportunity, he swept her away gently.

She was somewhat taken aback by his vigorous passion.

He was domineering, overwhelming, and unaccepting of defiance!

She could not help but retreat with a flushed face.

Her body was stiff, as if it had been jolted by electricity.

She raised her eyes to meet his deep ones.

She involuntarily let out a small, furtive yelp!

The man was examining her.

The places he laid his handsome eyes on made her tremble uncontrollably!

He did not know how this small person below him could spark some excitement in him.

He especially liked to see her flustered look.

It was truly and extremely entertaining!

It was just like spotting a cute prey; he had an interest to play with her.

He surveyed her face once more; half of it seemed to be dyed in the color of peach blossoms.

This girl clearly had a pretty and flirtatious appearance – a living fairy whom people would be head over heels for – but her aura was just too pure and clean.

There was no conflict when these two traits merged.

On the contrary, there was more of a forbidden allure to it!

This was just like a spell, and no medicine could undo it!

This girl, as charming as she was, was overly youthful!


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