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As such, Yang Mi bore a grudge against Han Yuyan.

The two had been secretly competing with each other ever since.

Han Yuyan threatened, “Hmph.

Yang Mi, youd better be more respectful toward me.

You try to be funny again and Ill expose your affair with Li Jiuxian to the paparazzi!”

“You—” She broke into a smile.

“Alright, then! Ill also expose all your past affairs to the media.

I doubt you have more to expose than me.”

“What do you think Do you think you can win against me” Han Yuyan was unfazed by her threat and provoked further, “If you insist on fighting with me, lets just wait and see!”

Yang Mi gritted her teeth in anger.

As much as she hated to admit it, she knew that she could not win a fight against Han Yuyan.

Han Yuyan sneered as she stormed off.

Going back to her, Han Yuyan quickly approached Gu Xingze in her high heels after smoothing her hair.

With a gentle pout, she asked, “Xingze, why are you alone Where is your partner”

She looked around.

He furrowed his brows but did not comment or even look at her.

She seemed to be holding a hunch and whispered while concealing a grin with her hand, “Did she ditch you to drink with the big boss”

His expression shifted a little, but he still maintained his silence.

“I dont want to be nosy here, but youd be better off keeping your distance from her.

The entertainment industry is filled with dirty women like her that will do anything to get ahead of the competition.

Drinking and sleeping around are nothing new.

Youd better be careful!”

Hell-bent on destroying Yun Shishis image in his mind, she did not restrain her words.

She could not stomach him being exceptionally kind to an undistinguished newbie.

He was aloof and haughty to everyone including her.

What she could not have, she would not let Yun Shishi have, either.

She continued her slandering, “I can see that this Yun Shishi is very ambitious.

She plans to use you as a stepping stone by partnering with you tonight.

Every person here is someone distinguished and important.

What does that make you when you bring in a nobody like her Besides, I heard that shes—”

He suddenly turned to regard her with displeased eyes.

“Thats enough, I say.”

“Xingze…” She looked at him wistfully.

“Why are you looking so mad now”



Her face turned red with anger and embarrassment.

“Why are you criticizing me Im saying this for your good, you know She is only using you, dont you understand!”

He could not be bothered with her.

“Im willing to be used by her.”

“Dont tell me you like that kind of women!”

“What kind Your kind” He did not hide his revulsion to her as he sarcastically spat, “Like what you did before when you slept with an investor in exchange for a role in Shanhe Beauty”

She gasped when she heard that.

“Not everyone is as shameless as you,” he added coldly before skimming past her.

She chased after him and bitterly asked, “Xingze, how do you know that shes not like that How much do you know about her”

Seeing him ignore her, she took a few steps forward and unrelentingly asked, “She could get such a big role even before entering the show business; do you really think shes that innocent Why are you defending her all the time Is she worth it”

He stood still, pondered for a while, and then recalled Yun Shishis beautiful and innocent face.

The corner of his lips curved into a smile as he replied, “Shes worth it.”


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