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Chapter 149: I will not leave your side again.

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“It’s because you don’t deserve them.”

With that, he strode over to Yun Shishi and covered her with his outer coat.

Yun Shishi thanked him quietly.

Despite the mess on her, she still looked ethereal.

He felt a pinch of pain as he looked at her.

He should have known that she would inadvertently step on the toes of many seniors as a newcomer in this grand occasion.

Women were prone to jealousy, especially in the entertainment industry.

He knew it was full of ugly competitions and bitter cat fights, yet he did not protect her well.

“Sorry; I didn’t take proper care of you.” He frowned in self-chastisement.

“I should’ve made sure to stay by your side at all times in this gala.”

She was surprised by his words.

Nonetheless, she gently consoled him, “I’m fine.

You don’t have to blame yourself.”

He gently squeezed her shoulders, drew her slowly into his embrace, and whispered to her ear, “I am not leaving you again.”

I won’t leave you and won’t allow anyone to bully you again.

She was unable to hide her surprise as she stared at him.

She lifted her blushing face and acknowledged his promise with a smile, “Thank you.”

Yun Shishi’s calmness throughout the whole incident disappointed Yang Mi who was waiting for her to commit a social faux-pas.

In fact, not only did she miss the chance to laugh at her, she even witnessed Gu Xingze treating her with loving tenderness.

That left a bitter taste in Yang Mi’s mouth.

The crowd around them started whispering to one another.

“Why is Xingze… so protective of this newbie Who is she exactly”

“That’s right.

He treated me aloofly and coldly when I co-starred with him.

Why is his treatment of this newbie so different Is she someone important”

“Hmph! She must have a big shot as her sugar daddy, so even Xingze has to kowtow to her…”

Yang Mi, who was already feeling very displeased, turned to face those gossipers and viciously snapped, “Shut your traps!”

On Yun Na’s end, she was unable to grasp the meaning behind his words and stupidly assumed that he was concerned for her.

He treated her coldly and disdainfully, though.

She did not deserve them What did she not deserve

She could not understand.

Yun Na, with her pitiful and trembling voice, asked, “Master Xingze, what do you mean by that What am I not deserving of”

She then scanned the crowd like a scared kitten and lamented with tears, “Why are you bullying me I may be a rookie, but that doesn’t mean you can treat me this way.” She crossed her arms and held her sleeves tightly.

The way she looked, with her moist and grievous eyes, and trembled in fear and embarrassment could move anyone’s heart, especially men’s.

This would usually rouse their protective streak.

Li Jiuxian expectedly took pity on her.

He did not notice Yang Mi’s evil deed earlier, but he could tell that Yun Na’s fall was unintentional.

If that was acting, her acting skills would be superb.

Despite it being unintentional, Yun Shishi did not wait for an apology and, instead, retaliated by doing the same thing to the unnerved Yun Na.

That was just unkind.

He slowly walked over to Yun Na.

Following Gu Xingze’s example, he gentlemanly covered her with his outer coat.


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