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Chapter 1465 A Surprise Attack

Yun Shishi did not know what was wrong with the man today.

He appeared in Milan out of nowhere, turned up at the hotel she was staying at, and suddenlyattacked her from behind.

They tumbled into bed and engaged in wild activities.

After a full two hours of lovemaking, she lay weakly in bed, completely exhausted.

Meanwhile, as though a seventeen- or eighteen-year-old youth who had just gained his first awakening of love and tasted the forbidden fruit for the first time, the man did not know how to control himself.

It was as if he had been waiting for this moment for centuries.

He was wholly focused and immersed in this gentle and tender moment.

However, at this time, the woman only had the thought of dying.

She was extremely embarrassed!

She hugged the pillow powerlessly, feeling a little indignant.

This man came onto her like a tiger watching its prey.

Was he trying to cripple her!

What was wrong with him today

So aggressive.

This man was like an overlord in bed, clutching tightly to his authority, but he rarely lost control of himself like he did tonight.

She really wanted him to be gentler, but it was as if he had been possessed!

Once the sweet aftertaste was gone, he lay beside the woman and stared at her.

Alas, she still had not caught her breath even then.

After the deed, the room was filled with lingering pleasure.

She lay in bed with the white blankets covering her body, yet they could not hide the tender sentiments in the air.

Mu Yazhe only glanced at her before his eyes darkened again.

If this woman were to be placed in ancient time, she would definitely be a charming and bewitching imperial concubine.

To garner a smile from Bao Si, King You of Zhou lit the beacon to trick his feudal lords into coming.

That concubine had indeed laughed at the scene.

The king was elated and lit the beacon again.

Slowly, his feudal lords no longer believed in it and began not to turn up.

Later on, Quan Rong broke into Hao Jing and assassinated the king.

His son, Zhou Pingwang, succeeded the throne and began the Eastern Zhou period.

Still, Yun Shishi was different from those evil imperial concubines!

Looking at the graceful line of her spine, it seemed an injustice to describe it with words in this world.

In the past, she would dress in a pure and refined manner like a student who had just stepped out of the school gates.

She was unripe and inexperienced; it was as if water could be squeezed out of her just with a simple pinch.

Now, gone was her purity.

As she lay beside him, she appeared more like an evil concubine, charming and flirtatious.

She lay languidly in bed.

Her jet-black, long hair scattered on the pillow, spread out like the clouds.

Her eyes were half open and she was exhausted to the point that she could not even lift a finger.

This time, he had really gone overboard with her.

Only after Mu Yazhe had lowered his gaze on her and seen how spent she looked did his anger inside simmer.

Seeing how tired she was, his heart could not help but ache slightly.

He felt a little guilty, as well as a little angry, for being unable to control himself—thus, tormenting her in this way.

Therefore, he bent over slightly.

After gazing at her for quite a while, he placed a kiss on her face.

From her ears to her cheeks, her face was flushed in a passionate and alluring manner.

The more he stared at her, the more he wanted to dote on her.

His handsome face lowered again as he pressed his warm lips against hers, pecking her in a consoling manner.

The woman let out a grunt as her eyebrows furrowed, expressing her displeasure with him.

Her obvious unhappiness was clear and her attitude toward him was neither hot nor cold.

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