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Chapter 1455 The gown your mommy“s wearing was sent by me!

Just like a true fairy, mommy looked breathtakingly beautiful in that gown!

His second reaction, however, was slight disappointment.

Why didnt mommy wear the gown I sent

He spent so much time carefully picking it out just so that she could attend the fashion show looking beautiful in it.

Alas, the photo uploaded on Weibo featured her in a different gown.

Inevitably, he felt slightly disappointed and somewhat crushed!

His older twin instantly converted into a fanboy of his mother when he saw her elegant and classy look in the photo from the side.

“Mommys really beautiful…”

With much effort, he resisted the impulse to leap forward and lick the screen.

His twin shot him a side-eye.

“Mu Yichen, grow up.”

Feeling aggrieved, he retorted, “What Dont you think mommy is beautiful”

Youyou stiffened.

His gaze, again, landed on the woman in the picture, and he could not help obsessing over it.

“Beautiful…” He sighed helplessly at it.

Despite his slight disappointment over her choice of attire, his mother did look stunning in that gown.

The little lad was instantly appeased.

His phone suddenly rang amid his entranced state.

He picked up the call, only to hear his uncles smug voice from the other end.

Gong Jie: “My little nephew, have you seen your mommys beautiful photo on Weibo”

The lad: “…”

He stiffened in surprise before narrowing his eyes suspiciously.

“Do you follow her, too”

“Uh-huh,” frankly admitted the man.

The adult created his account for the sake of following his sisters news; hence, he only followed two accounts—hers and the studios.

When he heard the others smug tone, Yun Tianyou could not help thinking, Who is this man

With his keen intelligence, he immediately sensed something amiss.

“The gown shes wearing… is it sent by you”


Sounding even prouder and more pleased than before, his uncle asked, “I specially chose that gown for your mother! Isnt it beautiful”


It was actually him.

The boy instantly felt indignant and unhappy!

He thought that the gown was from the fashion brand itself.

Never did he expect that it was from his uncle.

Obviously, the man called to flaunt.

Ugh—I cant take this lying down!

“Uncle, are you bragging about your aesthetic sense to me now” He snorted indignantly.

The other merely laughed.

This made him really upset and jealous!

Feeling angry, he unceremoniously ended the call and crossed his arms across his chest as he remained in his computer chair while staring at his mothers beautiful photo.

His puffy cheeks resembled a cute, little dumpling.

Little Yichen, meanwhile, continued to lie before the desktop with his face propped in his palms.

He gazed obsessively and rivetedly at the photo with crescent eyes.

“Mommys really beautiful… really beautiful… really beautiful…”

The frustrated Youyou: “Shut up!”

He then closed the Weibo page, walked to the bookshelf, grabbed a workbook, and studied it on the sofa.

His older brother softly muttered, “Whats the matter Why did you get angry again”

“Keep it down!” he growled, concentrating on his book thereafter.

His heart, however, was brimming with indignation.

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