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Chapter 1453 You do not deserve this dress.

As she gaped at the man for his discourteous words, her eyes instantly rimmed red with tears and she choked out, “You both are too much!”

“‘You both are too much!” He mimicked her coquettish mannerism to an astounding degree.

Everyone in the studio could not help bursting into laughter as a result of that.

Color drained from her face amid this unkind laughter.

Her bloodshot eyes shot him a murderous look; it seemed that she would still be unappeased even if the manager died countless times from it!

Yun Shishi got annoyed.

Why is this Lin Zhi so shameless

She rarely used the termshameless to describe a female.

That being said, the senior actress was well-deserving of it.

This was how showbiz worked; the female stars resorted to all sorts of means to fight for resources in order to gain fame.

“Golly, dont make such a disgusting face; dont you find it off-putting at all This dress doesnt belong to you.

Even if it does, such an expensive outfit will only appear cheap on you! Look at your figure; with your stubby legs, can you bring out its classiness at all” ridiculed the ruthless manager, instantly tearing her face apart.

Albeit her quivering lips, she could not refute him.

Her opponent was simply too stunning at the moment.

Even though she was unwilling to admit it, that gown fit Yun Shishi perfectly.

She could not deny the fact that the latter looked ravishing in it.

It was human nature to feel inferior and weak in the face of someone else even more brilliant and outstanding than ones self.

As such, she could only watch the manager lead his artist to a luxury Bentley and leave in it.

Their departure left her gritting her teeth in fury.

In the car, Qin Zhou posted his artists photo, which he had taken earlier in the VIP room, on Weibo after some editing.

After his teams professional editor adjusted the colors of the photo on his laptop with little effort, he uploaded it on her Weibo page.

With her heaven-given looks, the photo required little editing and was done after a few adjustments to the color saturation.

As soon as the photo was posted, the voracious media swiftly began posting articles about her, which spread like wildfire.

“Taking beauty to new heights.”

“Ethereal beauty.”


The articles had nothing but compliments for her.

The photo instantly blew up on Weibo, too.

Her popularity had been pretty high recently; with her attendance to the Milan Fashion Week, her limelight was unparalleled.

The managers quick action of posting her beautiful photo online let her stay ahead of the game.

Fashion Week, thus, officially started.

Manhattan Hotel, presidential suite.

Gong Jie lounged on the sofa as he scrolled through Weibo.

He did not have an account at first, but once he learned of his sisters official Weibo page, he immediately and secretly set one up, following only her and her studios account.

His sisters studio account was carefully managed by her manager.

That was why he was able to see the released photo from her studio right away.

In the photo, the woman posed elegantly before a dressing mirror in the VIP room with a hand on her slender waist.

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