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Chapter 144: True love can only come with a true heart.

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In the past twenty over years, he had not lived his life as his own.

He had no emotion to call his and solely abided by his grandfather’s wishes.

His entire life was about following every instruction of Grandmaster Mu.

Very satisfied with his grandson, Mu Sheng transferred most of Disheng’s shares under Mu Yazhe’s name before the latter even reached adulthood.

His only request was for him to marry Mu Wanrou.

He was not in any position to refuse.

It was only up to this point that everything was in upheaval because of that woman.

When it came to business, Mu Yazhe was the elite of the elites.

He was ruthless and charismatic.

Disheng Financial Group held the fate of the financial market.

His thirst for conquest was perfectly displayed in this aspect.

Right now, he discovered that one woman could equally stir up the same thirst in him.

This was especially the case when Yun Shishi, with her exceptional beauty, appeared before him tonight.

Her every look and smile moved him deeply.

With just one look, he was blown away!

Her smile was not meant for him, though.

His thoughts strayed to that night six years ago as he looked at her.

She had anxiously lain in the bed, blindfolded.

She was so fearful and helpless when he arrived yet still tried to accommodate him with her all.

When his fingers ran through her hair as he rode in perfect unison with her, he had this thought of keeping her by his side as a little pet.

However, soon after, she completely disappeared from his life.

Meeting her again was unplanned, and he was unprepared.

After their one-night stand, he realized how much his body craved and thirsted for her, but she refused him.

She told him before, “True love is priceless.” She then pointed a finger resolutely to his chest.

“If you really want it… then use this to exchange for it!”

Can true love only come with a true heart

Does that mean one can’t buy everything with money and power

Still, why… is she giving her best smile at that Gu Xingze

His heart was in turmoil.


This woman can really stir **.

He turned his back and refused to look at her again.

He proceeded to coolly instruct the nanny, “Bring your young master upstairs.”


The nanny quickly took the little lad from Mu Wanrou as he strode off without looking backward.

Mu Wanrou watched his departing back with a cold heart.

Up until now, the man’s heart had never beat for her.

She could not control the overwhelming pain and jealousy, as well as hatred, welling up from within her heart.

Yun Shishi, are you really a vixen who can steal a man’s heart You only have a pretty face, right If your face is destroyed, can you still tempt men

The gala tonight will be your night of destruction!

You just wait!

Mu Wanrou clenched her lips as she cursed, “Yun Shishi, go to hell!”

“Yun Shishi…”

Inside the dining hall, Yun Shishi stopped walking and looked around quizzically when she heard someone call her name.

Gu Xingze was ambushed by the media once they entered the hall.

All the camera lenses and shutters were aimed in his direction as the reporters clamored to be the first to interview him.

How dangerous!

She quickly extricated herself from the media ambush, but she did not reach far before she heard someone call her.

She turned and saw that it was Yang Mi.


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