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Chapter 1429 Simply Too Torturous for the Singles

Even the directors fell silent, caught off guard by his sudden song.

They did not expect him to sing and play a song for Yun Shishi, but the overall outcome of the show would not be bad still.

It was a buzzing scene, in fact.

They could easily win the top spot in ratings with that.

Throughout the entire recording process, Mu Xi was present as a bystander and felt that she was forced to watch the on-screen couple put on a full display of affection on theirfirst date!

How suffocating.

They seemed to be showing off their love to everyone.

This reality show was simply too torturous for the singles.

For a single like her, it hurt to watch the entire recording.

That scene of the superstar wiping her artists tears away, in particular, dealt a direct blow on her heart!

As if she got poked hard in the heart, she felt hurt and jealous.

It was the dream of many girls to be in a relationship with the nations god.



Xingze is really handsome!

Hes really gentle!

When he played the piano, his side profile was oozing with charisma!

A look from him could instantly kill her!

With her hands on her face, she nearly screamed in excitement!

How envious she was of her charge!

Despite knowing that it was just a reality show and an act, the assistant remained obsessed with his tenderness!

He looked at Yun Shishi with such tenderness!

Her heart melted as she watched the scene and bit her sleeve in bitterness.

She was suddenly very envious of her artist…

The first recording ofThe Love Diary came to a smooth finish.

At the very end of it, there were two other segments to be recorded and that was theLove Whisper.

Both celebrities would each enter a little black hut to watch clips of the show, be interviewed, and reveal their experience, as well as thoughts, about theirfirst date.

After watching the clips, the actress expressed her feelings.

“As a senior, Xingze is a really gentle person! Hes very concerned for his juniors, too.

“I remember the first time I met him in the production team; hes very concerned and gentlemanly toward me.

To me, hes a heavenly king—the national male god.

Sometimes, it can be quite stressful to work with him, but he always takes care of me so that the stress can be erased totally.

Its a pleasure to be working with him.

“Actually, I was rather nervous during the first recording of this show, but I ended up feeling more surprised during the first date.

Especially when he sang that song he played on the piano, it left me pleasantly surprised! I didnt expect him to prepare a song for me specially.

I was surprised and moved.”

At the end, she made a heart with her hands and said, “I love you, Brother Xingze!”

The lines were all scripted with the key points highlighted by the production team.

For this particular segment, she carefully memorized them to heart.

Just like that, the recording smoothly came to an end.

When she stepped out of the studio, her assistant pounced on her with bitter tears.

“Shishi, Im so envious of you!”

The artist broke out in a cold sweat.

“Whats the matter”

Mu Xi changed the topic.

“You must have saved the universe in your previous life to be able to record this reality show with Xingze! Hmph! But the thought of you soon becoming the nations enemy once the show is out, I feel satisfied again!”

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