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Chapter 1416 The Intimacy between Siblings

Yun Shishi was stunned for a moment before a gentle smile graced her lips.

“Xiao Jie, is that you I didnt recognize your voice earlier! Sorry about that!”

“Sis, where are you right now Let me treat you to some tea.”

“Im at my company.”

Gong Jie asked for the address and told her that he would be there soon.

In a short moment, a Porsche was parked at the entrance.

He opened the car door and got down from the vehicle.

Walking over to his sister, the man bowed elegantly like a gentleman before kissing her on the cheek.

“Im sorry to have kept you waiting, beautiful lady!”

The woman chuckled at that.

She examined him and remarked, “Your etiquette is rather decent! Where did you learn it from”

His lips curled into a pure and warm smile.

“I was taught by an etiquette teacher at home when I was young.”

Not long after his return to the Gong family, he was introduced to the etiquette of the high society.

As one of the successors of the family, he was required to have excellent inculcation on aristocratic etiquette.

“Sis, let me treat you to some tea.

Do you have any places to recommend” he asked gently.

His words were overflowing with love and indulgence.

It was as Youyou commented; even his uncle himself did not notice that he was actually a complete siscon.

Abundant tenderness was hidden behind his gaze as he lowered his head to look at his sister.

If his subordinates were here to witness this scene, they would be flabbergasted!

In their eyes, he was an extremely cold and two-faced figure.

He rarely smiled, and if he did, his eyes had a calculative glint, which was bone-chilling and could cause one to tremble in fear.

No one had ever seen him directing a loving and gentle smile to anyone.

The moment when his cold and deep-set eyes curved a little, it was as if billions of broken stars were hidden in them.

His handsome eyes were really like stars.

Yun Shishi could not help but be dazed as she gazed at him.

She remembered when they were young; many people claimed that they were extremely alike, as if cast in the same mold.

The adults said that it was extremely rare to see a pair of fraternal twins looking so similar.

Especially their eyes, they were truly identical.

At that time, she wore her hair short and donned the same clothes as her brother.

When they stood next to each other, people could not tell them apart, and this caused quite a few humorous jokes to be thrown.

She recalled their mother bathing her once, only to bathe her again when she returned from receiving a package at the door.

She only realized afterward that she had mistaken her daughter for her son—therefore, bathing her again.

Repercussions like these were not rare as they really looked too similar.

Even now, after many years, she still felt as if she were standing before a mirror at times when she stood next to her brother!

The only few differences now were that he had an arrogant and fearsome aura, a different hairstyle, and a distinct body shape.

However, their faces were still extremely alike.

Therefore, she could see a resemblance to her twin sons from his face.

Genes were truly marvelous things.

Seeing how his sister was staring, riveted, at him, Gong Jie unconsciously touched his face as he raised a brow in question.

“Why are you staring at me”

“Nothing much.”

The woman paused for a moment before she chuckled.

“I just realized something fascinating.”


“Your eyes are so pretty!”

She pressed the tip of his nose with hers affectionately before rubbing their them together gently.

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