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Chapter 1412 Irresponsible words hurt. 

The stylist replied, “Youre really… Ive been in this circle for so many years, but Ive never seen such a stranger artist than you.”

She actually said that she did not want to act in places other than work.

Isnt that the entertainment industry, though

Underneath their glamorous visage, many sugar daddies referred to these artists, male or female, as thespians in a derogatory manner.

After all, when one stepped into the world of entertainment, one must put on a show for life.

They must act in front of the audience, the directors in charge of their films, and their fans.

What was more; some actresses married actors because of benefits and interests tied to the relationship.

After the marriage, both parties had their fun separately, each with their respective sugar daddy and mistress.

Can one imagine that

Affairs abound despite having lifetime partners.

Her morals flipped as a result.

Therefore, in her cognition, this actress should also be such a woman and one she especially felt disdainful of!

However… Yun Shishi had changed her perspective totally.

Here was a chance laid out perfectly for her, yet she totally disregarded it.

This was so different from those desperate and calculative actresses she knew.

Andy initially thought that she was only putting on a show before her.

During this short stint she had spent with the latter, she observed her closely.

The artist did not look as if she were acting.

This was a genuine woman.

Having been in this industry for so long, she could easily tell if one was pretending in front of her.

The woman was definitely not pretentious.

Coming to know the actress better by now, she was slowly turning into a fan.

Without mentioning the rest of the matter, the mere fact that the actress had rejected this chance to make use of the superstars fame was good enough to earn her admiration!

Thus, the stylist suddenly put on a pout wryly and apologized guiltily.

“Yun Shishi, Im sorry! Taking you for a conniving woman like the others in this industry, its a mistake of mine! I apologize for offending you earlier!”

The other bit her lower lip and immediately gave a forgiving smile.

“He he! No need to apologize.

If really necessary, then I should apologize as well.”

“Err” Andy raised her brow in bewilderment.

The actress confessed, “Actually, Xingze and I arent an item; I misled you earlier.”

“Why” She was surprised to hear that.

“Nothing much.” Yun Shishi cocked a brow before giving a neutral answer.

“I just wanna let you know that irresponsible words hurt.”

The words seemed to stab the stylist right to her heart as she appeared stunned.

Her expression gradually changed into one of guilt and shame.

She understood the actresss intention.

The latter wanted her to know how it felt to be on the other side of the fence and how abominable it was to speak irresponsibly.

Because of her malicious speculation, she had used sharp and humiliating words to criticize, slander, and insult the latter from their first meeting.

She might not realize the injury she had inflicted on the actress with her hurtful words.

Hence, the latter twisted the truth so she could feel the pain, too.

“Im sorry; I shouldnt have said those irresponsible words out of malicious presumptions,” apologized the stylist sincerely.

She was a straightforward person.

Right was right and wrong was wrong; she would admit her mistake if she knew she was at fault.

The actress did not take the wrong to heart as she shook her head offhandedly.

“No worries! Lets be friends.”

She found Andy to be a nice character.

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