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Chapter 141: Clear Skies and Fine Sceneries 1

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“Director He, you are finally here! I almost assumed that you are going in without me!”

At this point in time, He Lingxiang was locking arms with a famous model.

When he spotted Yun Na in her extraordinary dress, he was momentarily dazed but was unable to recall who she was.

She only looked vaguely familiar.

He had played with plenty of women.

His partners would change almost every night, and when he played, he played hard.

At present, many female stars looked largely identical in the entertainment industry; they were all products manufactured by plastic surgeries at hospitals, and they could hardly be distinguished from one another.

A heart-shaped face, small cherry lips, tall nose bridge, and large eyes were the standard.

There was a saying within the industry: ‘We ask not to be born in the same year, same month, or the same day, but we wish to seek the same nose, same face, and the same doctor.’

Hence, he had no recollection of her face.

With a troubled face, he asked, “You are”

“Director, who is she!” the model beside him demanded flirtatiously.

“Director, I’m Yun Na.

Don’t you remember me” she asked, feeling flabbergasted.

He would not make use of her and then go back on his word later, would he

Going back on his word was fine, but he should at least bring her in.

“Hmph, scram!” The model did not wait for him to reply Yun Na and merely linked her hand with his, wanting to drag him away.

“Hold on…” Yun Na, who felt extremely humiliated, gritted her teeth in anger.

Blocking his way, she said, “My elder sister is Yun Shishi.

Director, you do remember her, don’t you”

Yun Shishi.

She is her younger sister, Yun Na!

He remembered her at once.

He then surveyed her from head to toe and, in his eyes, emerged a tinge of greed.

“Yun Na, you’ve gorgeously dressed yourself today; I almost couldn’t recognize you.”

Yun Na sighed in relief at that.

She beat his chest with indignation and coquetry as crocodile tears fell down drop by drop from her eyes.

“Director, I almost thought that you don’t remember me.

I waited for you for so long.

The concierge refused me entry; it was really embarrassing to stand here at the entrance!”

He felt disgusted by her pitiful and coy act that goosebumps rose on his skin.

He had seen tons of women like her in his many years in the industry, and he was already sick of the tactics she just played.

Yun Na was actually decent-looking, just a tad hypocritical; she always acted innocent and harmless but was in fact unrestrained.

He toyed with her once and knew that she was the typical snob; she would do anything to rise in status.

No matter how hardcore the game was, she welcomed everything.

He would at most play with this type of women for a night or two before throwing them away.

He would not take them to heart.

Men had the strong desire to subjugate women.

Women like this, who threw themselves at men, were especially worthless.

He was easily fed up with them instead.

However, she was Yun Shishi’s younger sister, and that made a difference.

He was more than interested in Yun Shishi.

Besides her natural charm, just the thought of her innate stubbornness already excited him.

If he managed to conquer her, it would be such an accomplishment.

Moreover, she seemed to have some intimate relationship with Mu Yazhe.

The woman Mu Yazhe had his eyes on must taste good.

Just by thinking about it, greed nearly emanated from his eyes.

“Yun Na, sorry to hear that.

I’m late!”

Saying this, he easily pushed away the model by his side and embraced Yun Na instead.

“Director, why are you…”

The woman panicked.

Her round fiery eyes glared at Yun Na, but the latter merely countered with a haughty expression, shrugging her off.

“Go back; I’m not bringing you in today.”

The woman seethed.

“Director, you promised me that you’ll bring me to see a big event—”

“Next time, then! I’ve changed my mind,” he impatiently cut her off.

The woman’s lips shriveled in annoyance, but she did not badger further and just took her leave with an ashen face.

Yun Na was over the moon.

He lowered his sight and glanced at her with interest.

He laid out his plan and asked, “How’s everything going Your sister, did she come”

Come How could she come She was wearing her sister’s gown, so how could the latter come

She had never thought of bringing her adoptive sister along in the first place.

If she were to walk side by side with her adoptive sister, she would snatch away all the spotlight.

She was also unbothered by his request.

As long as she could infiltrate this venue, she could hook up with anyone and everyone would be an attractive investor.

Why would she take fancy to a mere He Lingxiang

She could not expose her true intentions this early, though.

“Don’t worry; I’ve got everything settled.

You’ll definitely be satisfied tonight.” She smiled seductively as she nibbled at his ear.

Their intimate association unknowingly triggered a numbness at his lower abdomen.

The gala had yet to start, but he could hardly wait.

He nodded in satisfaction and hinted, “Listen; inside, there’s a row of wine especially arranged for those investors.

One gulp and they’ll get a strong kick.”

The wine was spiked with a certain amount of aphrodisiac and incapacitating agents.

Those who were in the industry long enough knew of this unspoken rule, but most newbies were unaware of this trick.

Some investors would have someone pass this wine to a newbie to drink if they were interested in her.

Once she drank it, she would fall into their trap.

“Director, I get what you want me to do, but if I were to succeed with my mission, then what you promised me…”

“An idol drama that Huanyu invested in this year.

I’ll arrange to let you into the crew as the female lead.” He was withholding something in his eyes.

“Director, don’t go back on your words!” She planted a kiss on his chin in satisfaction and smiled radiantly.

“Of course!” He grinned as the flame of ambition burned in his eyes.

It was star-studded on the gala’s red carpet; its luxurious lineup was comparable to a global movie festival.

Amidst the reporters’ hubbub, a nanny van traveling at a high speed slowly came to a halt at the venue’s entrance.

Han Yuyan and Shao Dong then walked the red carpet while holding hands.

They had just appeared, yet many reporters were already surrounding and blocking their way.

She was the only Asian female actress that would be attending this year’s Uslan Movie Festival for the huge film production, ‘Harsh’.

Standing on the red-carpet, she, with exquisite makeup, wore a long-tailed oriental dress.

Linking her arm with Shao Dong’s, she walked toward the stage with dignity and grace.

Flashes of light accompanied their entrance.

They enhanced her alluring makeup and made her seem more beautiful.

Who knew how many films were instantly used up to capture her lavish appearance

She put up her signature smile, and under the camera flashes, it was captivating.

It was a moment to testify one’s popularity on the red carpet.

She clutched his hand tightly and continuously posed.

The two interacted with great intimacy under the reporters’ requests.

This was when someone bellowed, “AH! Gu Xingze, he’s coming; he’s coming! The biggest star of tonight’s gala!”

“Oh, god, Xingze! Xingze! Keep up! Keep up!”

“Ouch! Don’t push!”

Many excited reporters flooded the entrance to the red carpet again.

Han Yuyan was posing and stroking her hair in coquetry, but, in the blink of an eye, the reporters were completely gone, and no further interest was shown on her.

She was still maintaining her signature hand-wave, so she and Shao Dong ended up standing there rather awkwardly and humiliatingly.

The smile on her face twitched and then stiffened.

She grinded her teeth in anger and could not take this lying down.

She looked in the direction of where the media reporters had gone in droves, and—

On the red carpet, Gu Xingze, who was holding Yun Shishi’s hand, walked forward slowly.

Throughout their journey, camera lights flashed nonstop.

“God, Xingze is so handsome in that outfit today!”

“He has been in the industry for ten years, yet his looks are still so attractive, elegant, and noble.

Oh, god… ”

“The other male artistes that had debuted in the same year as him couldn’t even stand the test of time.

Some have become disabled and some have aged… He’s the only one who still looks so fresh… ”

“Ohhh… What did time leave on him…”

“Huh Who is that woman beside him I’ve never seen her before!”

“Oh, god.

See that woman holding on to him She’s so beautiful! More beautiful than Queen Han even!”

Someone with keen eyes spotted Yun Shishi beside Gu Xingze and marveled at her beauty.

Thereafter, all the reporters consecutively shifted their attention to her!

Yun Shishi, who was wearing a graceful white evening gown, came off as a beautiful goddess.

Unlike Han Yuyan’s carefully crafted glamorous facial features, she was effortlessly beautiful.

She seemed like heaven’s masterpiece with her extraordinary looks.

Her looks were refined.

The black and white of her eyes were vividly separated – expressive irises that matched her attractive appearance.

Her nose bridge was high, her lips was red, and her teeth were pearly white.

When she smiled, it was as if all living things on heaven and earth were drained of colors!

White suited her very much.

Her smooth skin was so delicate and fair that she strongly resembled a jade doll – outrageously refined.

At this moment, with the snow-white gown on her, her elegance was more apparent.

Standing next to Gu Xingze, she was not overshadowed and was in fact extremely compatible to him.

Their every action was done with indescribable grace.

Yun Shishi, in fact, overwhelmed everyone with her presence alone!

Her poise was just right.

She was not overwhelming Gu Xingze’s but was not being overwhelmed by others, either.

A beauty like Han Yuyan even became her backdrop.

“Oh, gosh.

She’s like a fairy.”

“The air around her, how can it be so ethereal! You can’t compare her to others.

If Queen Han were to stand next to her, she would be unable to hold her fort!”

“Even if it were Yan Bingqing, she would also be unable to compare.”

“Who is this woman Why haven’t I seen her before… ”

Who was she

Almost everyone had the same question.

Many famous directors and producers were at the venue, including high-profile individuals, and all of them were so astonished they stood rooted to the ground as they observed her.

Beauties were a dime a dozen in the entertainment industry, but none of them was comparable to Yun Shishi.

She looked elegant and ethereal – truly ethereal without a tinge of tackiness.

She and Gu Xingze together were like an incomparably beautiful oil painting.

Gu Xingze frequented movie festivals, but he rarely had a female partner.

Since Yun Shishi was a newbie who had yet to debut, the surrounding people could only speculate about her identity.

Hearing the discussion of the entertainment reporters, Han Yuyan nearly flew into rage.

What were they thinking They actually compared her to an inexperienced newbie! Did they not have good taste

She dressed herself up so meticulously and attended the event in glamor, but the limelight was easily stolen from her by a newbie whom these people did not even know the name of.

Han Yuyan bit her lips in hatred and locked her eyes on to Yun Shishi.


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