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Chapter 1406 Burying the Hatchet 2

The stylist snorted in annoyance.

“Hey, are you deliberately making things difficult for me If you know that youll be doing an interview later, shouldnt you apply your base makeup ahead of time Are you waiting for me to do it for you”

“Ive only learned about this interview moments ago.”

Pausing, Yun Shishi continued calmly, “The interview is still a job to the both of us, so theres no need for you to go all aggressive on me.

If you want me to apply my base makeup in advance, Ill do that now and leave the rest to you!”

Despite her accommodating gesture, Andy rolled her eyes indifferently still.

The latter was apparently unappreciative of her offer, yet she at least no longer spoke with sarcasm.

The artist then went to the makeup room and proceeded to put on base makeup carefully.

Unlike other artists who piled their faces with thick layers of foundation, a thin layer of it did the trick for her since she had such an excellent complexion.

Hence, she was done in a matter of minutes.

The stylist was surprised.

“Why are you out so fast”

“Im done applying foundation.”

With a cocked brow, she nitpicked at the artist.

“Must you be so perfunctory For Gods sake, itll be your face on screen; are you sure you want to be so sloppy about it! The makeups gonna be smudged and ruined if the base layer isnt applied properly! Many ignorant people think themselves naturally beautiful and, as such, see no need for a thick layer of foundation.

Ha ha! As a result, they only make a mess out of themselves!”

The other arched a brow.

“How about our master stylist check for herself if my base makeup passes the test, then”

She answered, irked, “Sit down! Ill just do your makeup.

Its your face on screen, anyway; even if the base layer isnt properly done, thats none of my concern!”

With that, she signaled her to the chair with her eyes.

Yun Shishi obediently took her place.

The stylist then walked over and looked at that beautiful face in the mirror.

Clear, fair, flawless, and beautiful.

Makeup had yet to be applied, and neither was the eyes outlined with an eyeliner, yet with just a layer of foundation evening out her skin tone, from afar, she looked like an otherworldly fairy who had walked out of a painting with her naturally ethereal aura.

Suddenly, she felt her face tingling as she received a silent slap in the face.

Having witnessed it for herself now, she must admit that some people were indeed born beauties.

One could look equally stunning with just a thin layer of foundation.

She gritted her teeth in indignation and proceeded to put on makeup to the artist.

She did her job with professionalism, notwithstanding her prejudice for the artist.

Though haughty, she was very focused and professional in her work.

Her attitude was serious and she allowed no slipshod work.

This interviews concept was purity.

As such, she did a Japanese crystal-nude makeup for her, which required the most sophisticated skills and techniques.

Be it the eyeline or blush, everything must appear natural, fresh, and radiant.

Hence, once the makeup was completed, the mirror reflected Yun Shishi in interpretation of her beauty.

She was pure and beautiful; her smile made her look youthful and sweet.

A naïve schoolgirl in love for the first time probably looked like this!

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