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Chapter 1402 The Primetime Drama King 

After getting out of bed, Yun Shishi suddenly received a call from Qin Zhou.

“Are you feeling better”

“A bit,” she replied.

Her manager let out a sigh of relief but was still unable to hide the worry in his voice.

“Your phone was always turned off recently; its lucky that my call managed to go through this time.

I asked Mu Xi and she said that even she wasnt able to contact you.

We were worried sick!”

“Sorry! Some things happened at home recently, so it wasnt convenient for me to turn on my phone,” said the artist guiltily.

He only let out a helpless sigh.

“Its okay.

I thought something had happened to you; thats why I was worried.”

For a period, the artist had vanished without a trace.

She did not respond to her texts and her phone was turned off even when they tried calling her.

Only when Min Yu had passed the word to Ji Lin did they learn that she had taken a couple of days of leave.

After learning about this, Qin Zhou was able to calm down.

Finally, her phone was contactable, and she responded to his messages.

However, he had been overseas for the past few days.

Once he turned on his phone upon his return and saw all her texts, he hurriedly gave her a call.

He paused for a moment before he asked with perplexity, “What happened at home”

“Um… Its a long story.” She did not know how to broach the topic.

Still, the man was sensitive, so he hurriedly said, “If its inconvenient for you to share, its okay! I understand that celebrities have their privacy and personal space!”

“Mm! Thank you, Qin Zhou.”

“Are you free recently If you are, are you able to jump back into work This whole time that youve been away, the office got filled with scripts for you to look through!”

The artist fell silent.

As if an enemy were hot on her heels, the moment she finished her breakfast, she rushed to the office.

The moment the manager saw her, he reprimanded her harshly.

Even though he sounded gentle on the phone, he still took this chance to give her a good scolding when she returned.

It was not because of anything else apart from the fact that she had caused him to worry so much.

The artist was reprimanded until she did not have a temper anymore and could only let out a sigh.

“Im sorry! There was just a situation at home that needed settling.”

“That isnt why Im angry!” he retorted coldly, letting out a huff.

“Im angry because you didnt inform me about anything, causing me to worry so much! I thought you were kidnapped!”

Yun Shishi fell silent for a moment before responding, “It isnt anything so dramatic!”

“How is it not!” He rolled his eyes.

“Shishi, you know better than anyone else that I treat you as family! Please, if you have any issues, inform me.”

His tone of voice instantly softened.

“If not, youre just asking me to worry to death.

I couldnt eat or rest peacefully.”

Her heart was filled with warmth at that and said sincerely, “Thank you.”

“What are you thanking me for!”

The man rolled his eyes again unhappily before he changed the topic.

“Lets not talk about this any longer.

Have you finished reading the script”


“It will begin soon, so be more thoughtful and showcase your acting skills well, ” her manager continued.

“Okay.” The artist remembered this to heart.

Naturally, the man was assured of her acting abilities.

Her acting in the production team ofLethal Beauty, even if given the leading role, would have no issues whatsoever.

“Oh, yes.

Do you know who the male lead forLethal Beauty is”

“I have no idea…”

She shook her head vacantly.

“The present primetime drama king and todays one of the most in-demand actors of Huanyu, Hua Jin.”

Lately, she had only busied herself with the script and had not bothered with anything else.

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