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Chapter 1401 The sun shines brightly with a cute baby at home.

Little Yichen: “…”

Mu Yazhe was silent.

Yun Shishi: “…”

Youyou tilted his head to the side as he smiled like a little angel—all innocent and pure.

“Good morning, my dear father! Its eight in the morning; would you like to have breakfast now”

The older boys shoulders shuddered.

He commented inwardly, There are so many types of smiles in this world, but only Youyous smile is scarier than his stony expression.

He can make ones hair stand on end!

He always felt that it was extremely evil.

“Cough, cough… What are we having for breakfast” the man asked quietly.

His younger sons lips raised as his smile became brighter.

“Bread, milk, sunny-side-up eggs, and ham sandwiches!”

The adult was momentarily stunned before he responded, “I like sunny-side-up eggs.”

With the kid calling him father, he instantly felt quite light and airy.

In such a short moment, the issue of these two dumplings eavesdropping on them was thrown out the window.

His older son was flabbergasted.

He and his brother were clearly on different levels.

Even someone as shrewd as his daddy was easily swallowed up when placed into his twins hands.

The younger boy continued to smile beautifully as he asked, “Oh, yes, my dearest father, Ive also prepared some deep-fried breadsticks.

Theyre crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

They taste superb! Would you like to try them”

The man nodded in a daze as he carried his younger son toward the dining area.

His older son stood rooted to the ground, stupefied…

Yun Shishi hid under the covers and secretly shook in laughter.

Ha ha ha ha!

She was so amused by her younger sons astute and adorable reaction!

She was happy.

The little guy was an imp with his daddy wrapped around his fingers!

With just a few words, he managed to avoid the issue successfully and coax his father into having breakfast.

If he had not succeeded then, this matter would have never ceased.

If Youyou had not been around, Little Yichen would have had to endure the punishment.

It was not easy for the younger one to save him from scorching fire and deep waters using a few words!

From this, the older boy witnessed and learned what it meant to be scheming.


He stood by the door and called out to his mother.

She popped out from under the covers with flushed cheeks, only to see the little guy with a reddened face leaning against the door.

He greeted her shyly, “Mommy, good morning!”

With that, he ran away bashfully.

These two little guys did not have the intention of listening in on them.

Both had rushed over to invite their parents for breakfast, but when they were at the door, it was a curious coincidence that Youyou had pressed his ear against it and listened to the sounds coming from within.

Little Yichen ran up to him, and not long later, the door was suddenly opened.

That was when the two lads came tumbling into the room like capsized ships.

The woman was so amused that she had to cover her mouth as she burst out laughing in bed.

With two cute babies in the house, the sun shone a lot brighter every day.

The twins were the best gifts God had given her!

In the dining room, the younger boy was personally feeding his father a piece of deep-fried breadstick.

The man bit down on it.

It was fried until golden and crispy, and the insides were tender.

It was indeed very delicious.

“You made this” he asked in disbelief.

The boy raised his eyebrow in delight.

“Mhm! Of course, its made by me!”

The man praised him generously.

“Your skills are better than many of the head chefs in top-class restaurants.”

“He he! This is nothing.

You havent had a proper taste of my cooking skills yet,” said the boy, feigning aloofness.

However, his heart was already in too much glee.

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