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Chapter 1388 I will forgive you for mercy“s sake.

To him, this was a huge surprise!

He had never thought that there would be a day where he could hear such gentle and warm words from his sons venomous, little mouth.

Mu Yazhe was in complete disbelief for a moment.

As if dreaming, he could not react in time to his words.

His slow reaction made Youyou a little unhappy.

He snorted proudly and questioned with dissatisfaction, “Why arent you saying anything Are you unwilling”

“Of course not, little fool!” responded his father hurriedly.

The boy pouted his soft, pinkish lips, clearly a little annoyed.

“You dont have to feel obliged if youre unwilling! I wont care about you if not for mommy choosing you!”

With those proud words, he returned to his noble and cold character.

His father smiled unexpectedly and then rubbed his head dotingly.

“Alright, alright!”

This time, he would let him say whatever he wanted!

“Did you think I wanna be with you”

Due to his fathers lukewarm response, the boy became increasingly more upset and continued disdainfully, “I just wanna be with mommy forever, and Im worried that if I leave her to you alone, youll bully mommy and not pamper her enough; thats all! Dont misunderstand my intentions!”

The man kept smiling lovingly at him.

“Okay, okay.”

Seeing how patronizing the adult was being only irked the youth further.

Why was there no reaction from him at all

He was frustrated.

“Hey! You—”

Mu Yazhe suddenly lowered his gaze and gave his son a gentle kiss on the forehead before landing another kiss on his eyelashes.

It went without saying that he was being nothing but loving to him!

The boy was stumped, only to hear his fathers gentle words ring from above his head.

“Youyou, if its alright, let daddy dote on you for the rest of your life”

He was stunned into silence.


He never knew that his father could issue such statement, which could shoot straight into his heart.

“We missed each other for six years.

For six years, I never knew that, apart from Little Yichen, I would have such a smart and adorable son!”

As he said this, the man gazed at his boys palm-sized face with eyes full of undisguised regret.

“Forgive me for not knowing about you all those years and for letting you and your mommy wait for a long time.

Im sorry that you missed out on the fatherly love that you deserved in those six years! Please forgive daddy.”

This was probably the most touching speech the man had ever given!

If Yun Shishi and his older son were here, they would definitely feel indignant!

This was especially the case for the woman as he had never said such moving and sweet words to her.

Hearing this, the little boy blushed.

However, the shyness in his eyes quickly faded as he raised his gaze again and chastised him, instead.

“Is there any use in saying sorry now Hmph!”

Mu Yazhe could not help but smile at his arrogant and difficult expression.

Youyou pursed his pink lips, but his heart was filled with warmth.

It was as if the spring wind had brushed past and seeped into his heart.

“Little fool, I didnt say that you could laugh secretly!”

The man could not help exposing him!

The lad was flustered for a moment before he snorted.

“When did I! Hmph!”

His eyes were filled with much disdain.

The father-son pair exchanged glances before letting out a smile unexpectedly.

His son finally became soft-spoken with him.

“Alright! A great man wont remember the faults of small men.

Ill forgive you for mercys sake!”

He kissed his boy in response.

This heartwarming scene had eased the tension in their surroundings considerably.

Standing at the back, Li Hanlin rubbed his temples helplessly.

He could say that the confession between the pair was almost comparable to a wedding proposal!

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