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Chapter 1380 How about I get you a hearse

His mind rumbled, trying to piece the puzzle together, until a flash of white light went off in his head.

Were deputy Zhou and his band of mercenaries sent by his daddy

What a major gaffe, indeed…

Assuming that Mu Lianjue was about to be smuggled abroad, he rushed over to stop him.

Unexpectedly, the father-son pair bumped into each other.

Having apparently put two and two together as well, Mu Yazhe was slightly astounded.

The boy was indubitably his son; both actually thought alike.

Vermilion Bird broke out in a cold sweat, too.

What the heck

They wasted so much time dealing with the deputys team, only to find out that they were their allies with them being Mu Yazhes men.

She could not resist glancing at the deputy.

The latter, too, exchanged a pitiful look with her!

They were on the same side!

Youyous face turned sullen.

“What a coincidence, daddy.”

The man eyed the woman for a bit before shifting his gaze onto his calm-looking son.

He was initially shocked to see his uncle holding his son hostage at gunpoint.

The scene seemed tense from every angle.

However, upon noting the boys smirk and the female mercenary commanders relaxed stance, he understood that his son was messing around with his great-uncle; hence, he heaved a sigh of relief.

He could not help smiling teasingly at him.

“My darling son, why are you out here this late at night when you should be sleeping at home”

The kid pouted innocently.

“Im helping daddy catch the bad guy!”

His answer greatly satisfied his father.

“What a filial son!”

“Of course! Its only right that I should be filial to my father,” he replied matter-of-factly.

Mu Lianjues face darkened at this exchange.

This father-son pair was apparently testing his patience!

“Stop yakking away! Do you all think that this is a trifling matter!”

He somehow felt this scene before him to be very queer.

There was not the slightest tension in the father-son pairs banter.

It was not only that; the child did not appear to fear the gun pointed at his temple.

Had he no fear

Was it death or the shooting that he was unafraid of

Even if he did not fear the shooting; was he not scared that there would be a misfire!

Come now!

The boy was clearly his hostage, but somehow, he seemed to be the trapped beast, instead!

Could they be more serious about this

He clearly held the boy as a hostage!

Why, then, did he still feel as if he were in a predicament!

The man was baffled.

The interaction between the two had been overly relaxed to the point of not having a sense of crisis in the face of their present situation!

“Shut up!” he growled impatiently.

“Thats enough! Get me a car—now!”

Youyou looked up at the man smilingly and chimed in thoughtfully, “How about I get you a hearse”

He stiffened.


“Fourth great-uncle, are you done yet If youre done making a fuss, then release me.

I wanna go back to sleep; Im tired!”

The boy, then, yawned tiredly before him.

“Are you unafraid of death!”

Quickly cocking the gun and steadying his finger on the trigger, Mu Lianjue pressed the muzzle against his temple further.

“Believe it or not, Ill shoot a bullet through your head now!”

With a whoosh, a bullet sliced through the air and pierced his wrist in the time he spent lifting it.

He was truly taken aback.


A sharp piercing scream cut through the air.

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